So, in rl I got into some serious trouble. I got caught with pot. It wasn't a lot, but you know how the law looks at it. I got into so much crap over it, possible jail time, a huge fine, and communtiy service. The only thing I got was 3 months probation, 20 hours community service, and I have to get a job. I only got this, because I had told the judge my wishes of eventually joning the Navy. the judge was very nice, and only gave me 3 months probation. 

Last week I actually violated it, because I couldn't pee for th drug test, because of that I got a bench warrant. Which means I owe $250, which I don't have, to the court people. Since I don't have that I'm going to have to stay in jail until I do have it. Which means that I won't be able to pay it for awhile. 

So, al in all, I might be gone for awhile, because I screwed myself over for a friend. Never do anything illegal for a friend ever. Unless you wanna end up in a ton of trouble. 

Anyways, I'll see y'all whenever I get out. Untill then Bye. 

~A memory Is one to be treasured, even the smallest one<3 (talk) 17:32, June 16, 2015 (UTC)

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