Xerxestheb-rabbit Xerxestheb-rabbit 22 August 2018

Power Set Requests

Title says it all. Me and my team of crackpot mercenaries can possibly think of powers for any set here. I'm going to start updating sets and fixing other sets soon. (Brocky, Migs, Oli and everyone else who won that cabin contest. I love your sets too much and i already put my criticizing eye on them so i think they are fine) Anyway, This blog makes it easier for me to keep track of who made what request and what set i should work on first. First person to ask is the first set i consider working on (its also an interest thing and some may take longer tha others) and ill work in that order. Sound good?

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Xerxestheb-rabbit Xerxestheb-rabbit 12 April 2015

Xer's wiki wide pokedex entries :D

Hello once again audience. Lastime on chb roleplay wiki. Xer was persuaded by a wild oli to make a blog post for all users on le wiki. So here you are my wild pokemen and women. still in progress as i put users on each and every while. You guys may add to it if you want, but plz ask me before you do.

  • 1 Entries
  • 2 Oli
  • 3 Yorkie
  • 4 Meem
  • 5 Toxy
  • 6 Mellu
  • 7 Brocky
  • 8 Gruff
  • 9 Slay
  • 10 Broken
  • 11 Wonder
  • 12 Demi
  • 13 James
  • 14 Ash
  • 15 Dead
  • 16 Drag
  • 17 Noctowl
  • 18 Moodle
  • 19 Undead
  • 20 Harle
  • 21 Merl
  • 22 Fectos
  • 23 Evolutions

Oliander, the Twin Queen pokemon. Oliander is one of the sassiest pokemon in the pokemon world as only his twin, brocky can rival the immense power of his sassiness. Whilst Brocky uses his abilities to shut his opponents down, Oli uses his abilities to charm and captivate his opponents only…

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