Hello once again audience. Lastime on chb roleplay wiki. Xer was persuaded by a wild oli to make a blog post for all users on le wiki. So here you are my wild pokemen and women. still in progress as i put users on each and every while. You guys may add to it if you want, but plz ask me before you do.



Oliander, the Twin Queen pokemon. Oliander is one of the sassiest pokemon in the pokemon world as only his twin, brocky can rival the immense power of his sassiness. Whilst Brocky uses his abilities to shut his opponents down, Oli uses his abilities to charm and captivate his opponents only to lead them to their dooms later on.


Yorkie. the wolf pokemon. Yorkie may look innocent but her bite is something to be terrified of. Master hunter, she chases her prey until they are tired and unaware that she is behind them and ready to pounce.


Ivan. The fight pokemon. Ivan uses his small size and fist shaking to trick his opponents into thinking they can take him on but little do they do that he holds power beneath that small frame.


Toxy. the nerd pokemon. Toxy spends most of his time reading comic books and searching the internet for puzzle dragon cheat codes. He confuses his opponents by telling them theories about time and space, hangs out a lot with june, the reappearing pokemon.


Meloney. The creative pokemon. Meloney uses her creative skills to dazzle her opponents into submission, effectively winning the battle. Meloney is known in the pokemon world as caring and helpful as her creative skills help the wild pokemon to get farther in their goals.


Brocky. The Twin Queen pokemon. Brocky is regarded in the pokemon world as one who has the best comebacks and able to shut down other pokemon with his immense pomp and sass traits shared with his twin, oli. Brocky is know to lend helping hands to those in need when his name is called or when he has senses he is needed. Brocky usually loves korean people.


Gruff. The sheep pokemon. Gruff is the pokemon in the pokemon world that has the softest fur. He is known to like hugs and like to give squeezes. Gruff usually takes out his opponents by making them love him and his fluffy fur, he is the only pokemon who's sass can rival the twin queen pokemon.


Slay. The weapons pokemon. Slay uses his arsenals to catch and hunt his prey, mainly fish, After he has taken out his prey he hides them in his pants until they begin to flop around. Slay also has ninja skills up to par with the ninja master pokemon of the pokemon world.


Broken. The caring pokemon. Broken tends to all new pokemon in the world that are brought to her notice. When called for help, Broken won't hesitate to try her best to help those in need. Broken is regarded as warm and lovable byy those she has helped in the pokemon world.


Wonder. The random wonder pokemon. Wonder is a pokemon whose randomness knows no bound. She can change conversations to something unrelated to the previous one. Her randomness makes the other pokemon happy as they are usually down until she perks them up. Wonder is known extensively by her ability to stand head to head in a sass battle against the Queen pokemon, brocky.


Demi. The fangirl pokemon. Demi loves to fangirl over various types of anime and manga, sometimes even fanfiction. Demi shares the help trait with bach, the motherly gaming pokemon and broken, the caring pokemon. Demi is known to be able to handle and find information in multiple tabs and is great at multi tasking.


Jades (spelt it like this on purpose). The young pokemon. Jades is probably one of the youngest pokemon in the pokemon world, despite being the youngest and inexperienced, Jades holds a lot of potential. He is fond of the song shake it off, thought nobody knows why. he is a little bit of a rule breaker and tends to think he messes everything up.


Ash. The teleport pokemon. Ash uses his teleport abilities to send his opponents to other celestial bodies that occupy the pokemon universe. Ash is a particularly able pokemon who can lift as much as he weighs. He likes sports and loves to be included in his preferred sports. He is the opposite to the lazy pokemon.


Deadly. The dong pokemon. Deadly is one of the most sexual pokemon in the pokemon universe. He is widely known for his extensive knowledge of adult videos and kinky items and positions. Dead uses his abilities to summon an army of massive dongs used to suffocate (among many other things ;D) his opponents. those who have come to ask of deadly's knowledge have always left with a pleasured smile on their face.


Clay. the nebula pokemon. Clay is a pokemon that tends to space out. literally. Clay can traverse the known nebula at incredible speed. Clay uses his speed to confuzzle his opponents and then traps them within the cosmos. Clay looks like he is made of space itself, he is described to look out of this world by many other pokemon.


Noctern. The hidden pokemon. Noctern can hide anywhere in the pokemon world and not found. Noctern can attack his opponents from anywhere and still not be found. Noctern has knowledge regarding many things and can identify them on a whim. Noctern is a foreign pokemon and knows more languages than he lets on. Noctern is considered to be one of the smartest pokemon.


Moodle. The cow pokemon. Moodle's cow skin has the ability to adapt to it's surroundings and even the types of battles he is put in, making him have the greatest defense of all the pokemon. Moodle is well liked in the pokemon community and can use his charming nature to catch his opponents off guard as they would never expect his betrayal. Moodle is also widely known for his signature move, milk typhoon which makes the opponents bones and teeth frailer than anything.


Undead. the corpse pokemon. Undead is a walking corpse, he moves like any other well and alive pokemon which allows himself to ambush anyone and they wouldn't be able to tell. He can mostly summon corpses of deceased pokemon. Pokemon come to him when they need an interesting guise as his is one of the most realistic.


Harle. The humble bearded pokemon. Harle is one of the friendliest and nicely tough pokemon in the pokemon world. Harle is known to help others once called and does his best in any way to help them. Harle possesses a beard that can act on his thinking. Harle's main use of combat is his beard, using the legendary fabled beard jutsu. His opponents stare in awe at his beard, leaving their guard wide open for harle only to take the chance to take them out.


Merlin. The magic phoenix pokemon. Merlin has the ability to reform his body whenever he is defeated by his opponents. This surprises his opponents and prepares them for a surprise attack from him. Merl likes to use his magic as a way to help people and cheer them up. Merl's magic lets him be considered one of the coolest pokemon to have newly entered the world.


Affectos. The artistic pokemon. Affectos is not like other pokemon, he does not attack on his own, instead he uses his various art work to attack for him. Affectos is a loyal pokemon, who would not betray his trainer. Affectos' art is trending in the pokemon world, as his art bring many pokemon absolute joy. There are some paintings fectos would let you have free of charge but others are payment. He wants to be recognized in the pokemon world as an artist, aware that the assorted pokemon of this world already think of him so.


As soon as i finish the main ones, i'll evolve you all.

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