Hey wikia I'm Haleigh or known as Faith and I'm here to ask for forgiveness for the entire wiki,  i hope you can forgive me and we can move forward together as one.  Ive donewrong things,  that im not proud of,  but I'm here now to say i admit i was wrong and now I'm askingto have another opportunity.  Please and thank you.  Please vote with 100% Honesty please and thank you.  If you want me to stay put stay or go put go ok.

Things I've done

1. Made sock puppet accounts

2. Used profound language 

3.being a fight starter 

4. Being offensive to emotional subjects 

5. Being rude to other users

6. Being rude and obnoxious 

7. A bitch 

8. A liar and manipulater

things I've changed and now 

1. I've stopped sock puppetting

2. I haven't used any profanity language. 

3. I'm very nice and sweet to users.

5. Im no longer a bitch.

6. I now try to bebe more respectful on emotional subjects 

7. I try to cut down on my talking 

8. I learned my lesson. 

9. Im helpful

10. Ive improved of being a better person to people.  

11. Stopped lying and mamanipulating for good, 

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