So I know a lot of you have either started RPs with me or wished to at one point. And I really do love to RP when I'm in a good mood. But lately there have been a lot of factors contributing to a mood that is not attuned for writing anything that would fit this wikia. My stress levels have been slowly rising as I search for a new job and a room mate before my current one moves out and that combined with an ever increasing amount of night time depression I can not seem to bring myself to focus on much of anything except all the things going wrong in my life. If you want to RP please I beg of you have patience with me. I will try and get a post put out as soon as I possibly can. But until I get my real life situations resolved and find a way to battle my depression again, as music has lost its ability to calm my mind, I will have such a difficult time convincing myself to write posts because I want them to be good ones so you enjoy RPing with me. You shouldnt have to try and RP with a half hearted partner who's too distracted to even read one gods forsaken sentence. Anyways I just wanted to give everyone a general heads up as to why there have been no real posts from me on any RPs that I have going or have been making plans to begin... Ciao for now.

Yukaronachan (talk) 05:50, March 15, 2017 (UTC)

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