Recently, I've been scouring through the available cabin gods/goddesses/titans/titannesses/nonbinary all powerful immortals for ideas and such, and I came across a shock. Not only are there many cabins with somewhere between one to three campers, but some of the angstiest drama inspiring immortals are near vacancy! As a fellow teen (18 still counts), and general internet enthusiast, this is appalling to me. I've decided to take the time to put some names out there for all the angsty users (you know who you are) who want an immortal parent with just as much flare for the dramatic and dark as you do.


Our first stop is at Lyssa, aka, the goddess who pretty much killed (SPOILER ALERT!) old yeller. This trash queen inspires madness, rage, frenzy, etc., all the fantastic ingredients to one messy story that leaves your character scarred for life. In essence, she's a slightly less sexual id who runs around killing things, being upsetti, being cray, and ruining your childhood love of animals. Of course, you develop your character's parent however you wish and make them as complex or not complex as you want, but thats the basics of the basics. If you don't make a child of hers, I think it's safe to say she might be pissed.

Lyssa | Lyssa's Cabin


Next stop is Limos, which, according to the World Health Organization, is the single gravest threat to the world's public health (you know, because she embodies starvation and hunger and yeah, that's a global issue.) Acording to the character threats- I mean traits, kids of Limos aren't satisfied by food. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a curse to me. Her mere description is just desolate and sad. She seems to be great at giving people hallow feelings, and probably has some sort of association to the desert. I know after reading her description, you'll be thirsty to make a character a child of hers.

Limos | Limos' Cabin


Our final stop of the day is the one, the only, the indescribable, dude that made you wet your bed because you thought your shadow was a ghost! Wanna spice up your chaacters life? Being the kid of absolute terror can help! Terror immediately makesme think of horror movies, and that's exactly what your char history can be, or not, because angst has no limits! The amazing thing about terror is the complete moral ambiguity of it. You'll be frightfully pleased by the level of angst this one god provides.

Deimos | Deimos' Cabin

Honestly, there are many cabins that deserve a shoutout and a look, but I really hope this blog has inspired you to fill these fantastically dynamic cabins up.
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