Hello everyone. As you all may know, chat is kept pretty relaxed, so it's very easy for things to escalate. While we are fine with keeping chat "free" in the sense of a lot of off-wiki topics, when the same topic comes up again and again, and it's just the same people getting in a fight based of rumors and other users egging on the hostility, a line must be drawn. Specifically, the feud between Chase and Nat has to stop now. It only brings stress and negativity to chat and the wikia itself, and that is not something we condone. It's gone on long enough. From here on, if anyone eggs on the debate between the two, the two start fighting again, spreads rumors of the two (I don't care how true or false they are), or anything close to that (up to the discretion of the chat mod/admin member present) on the chat wikia or wikia itself, the people involved will get a two hour chat ban. If that fails to work, the next time it will be a day's chat ban. Why so harsh? Actually, the punishment would be much longer, because you should all be aware now, but I'm too soft. If further steps need to be taken, they will.


Don't spread rumors or start fights about nat and chase or else you're getting a chat ban.

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