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Hey Users of Camp Half-Blood,

Many of you may be wondering what the purpose of this blog is and if you look at the title it should really say it all. Over time claims have gotten more complex and some claim checkers have gotten more nitpicky about the details needed in a claim so, this blog is mostly just to let users and staff know what we look for in claims. This is also a handy set of general guidelines for the admin team members of the Claiming department, and a good source for regular users to look at to know the rules. Note, this is never a completed blog post, but will be periodically added onto, and revised with more information. Also please note, all things here are supported by rules already in place. Contributors: Flopfish3, Music, Mel, Omnia, Yorkie, and Nin who despite not being a part of the claiming department was helping out as part of his training for helper.

Set Up

The first thing in dire need of discussion is set up. This means, anything that has to do with claim structure not relating to actual history.

Age: There should be an age for when the character reaches camp either at the top, and/or at the bottom.

Appearance: Appearances are no longer needed on claims. If the claim author does write a description for the appearance that seems unrealistic, a claim checker may go ahead and point it out. Otherwise, they should NOT ask the claim owner to provide an appearance. If they have a model, that's fine. If not, that is also fine.

Personality: This section only requires one to two sentences. If a claim checker asks for more, then they are wrong in doing so.

History: Histories should be more than a paragraph, and obviously, contain the content of the character's life before coming to camp. A user making a claim should always remember these are meant to make sure a character is not op, and thus if a character does not know something hidden in their history, the user should still talk about it in the history, if it is relevant.

Nitpicks: Claims can be frustrating at times, so claim checkers are allowed to ask more details. The important thing to note, however, is these nitpicks do not determine of a claim is passed or not. Regular users may not know this, however, so a claim checker should, out of courtesy, let them know it is a nitpick, or is only a request to make the claim better. If a claim has an unrealistic piece in a history, a claim checker can call it out without it being a nitpick.

(Includes Regular claims, BC Claims, Pet claims, and Quest Claims)

Part 1, Regular Claims

First off, let's start with Regular Claiming. For those of you who don't know, Regular Claiming is for characters that will be at camp. The species of these characters may vary, from demigods to animal nymphs, to many other types of nymphs.

To start off we will go through the types of nymphs and how they are created. This is gonna be separated into two parts: those in Greek myths and those that were not made in Greek myths.


In Greek mythology VS. Not in Greek Mythology

In general, nymphs are divided into two categories:

a) Nymphs that ARE in Greek myths.

b) Nymphs that ARE NOT in Greek myths.

For those who are wondering what the difference is between these two categories, first is the name (obviously) and the next is the time frame they were created because:

1) The nymphs that have existed in Greek myths literally don't have a time requirement. As they're a product from the original, the time they're made could vary from the time Kronos took power to the time it was only Chaos and nobody else. The sky's the limit. Examples would be:

  1. Cloud nymphs
  2. Flower nymphs
  3. Fresh water nymphs
  4. WIP (just go to this page and check it out yourself but go under nymphs.)

On the other side of the spectrum there are those nymphs that were NOT created from Greek myths but from the users themselves. These have a time frame on when they could be made.

  1. Death nymph (Mortiad/Mortios): AFTER World War Two (1939-1945). Not before, not during. AFTER.
  2. Love nymph (Erotiad/Erotios): AFTER the Trojan War.
  3. WIP

Creation Requirements

Other than that, both categories have very similar requirements which consist of:

2) WHO created the nymphs. This is the same for both cases; who created the nymph is a major deal. Some could be created from love (Erotiad), while others could be created from a god. Most of the nymphs were made from a god, however, there are exceptions. Mainly love nymphs where they are mentioned to be made from other love nymphs and not the goddess of love, so please take note.

3) The most obvious would be their scope. As mentioned, nymphs are MUCH weaker than demigods. Thus if they are put against a demigod, they could potentially lose (unless they have more experience than the demigod.)

4) Some nymphs (and I use the word some rather loosely) could be made from mortals or fallen demigods. The requirement for that varies thus look carefully if the nymph type allows for it. Still, it is mentioned here because some "fallen demigods" reborn to be nymphs will not under any circumstances have their demigod powers. (No loophole, no nothing). The list of the nymphs that could be created from "dead" people is:

  1. Cloud nymphs
  2. Messenger nymphs (yes its a thing)
  3. Dream nymphs
  4. Fear nymphs
  5. Fire nymphs
  6. Flower nymphs
  7. Healing nymphs
  8. Honey bee nymphs
  9. Ice nymphs (not to be confused with snow nymphs for they are more powerful)
  10. Lampades (Note: Sorcery nymphs, torchbearing nymphs, magic nymphs, and Hecate's servants will be combined with this type of nymph. There's no rational reason why Hecate would have 2 types of nymphs that are essentially the same.)
  11. Light nymphs
  12. Lightning nymphs
  13. Memory nymphs
  14. Moon nymphs (its a thing)
  15. Music nymphs
  16. Peace nymphs
  17. Rain nymphs
  18. Rainbow nymphs
  19. Revenge nymphs
  20. Sea nymphs
  21. Sleep nymphs
  22. Snow nymphs
  23. Storm nymphs
  24. Tree nymphs
  25. Wind nymphs
  26. Wine nymphs (surprise)

5) This may be one of the most important things that many miss out. The nymphs' "source" of power. This may vary from nymph type to nymph type but you need to know which nymph type allows the nymph complete freedom and which have restrictions. An example to use are flower nymphs. Their power source usually is a flower but you have to specify WHERE the flower is and WHAT type. For the flower nymph could not (under any circumstance) go beyond that power source (ever). Other types of nymphs that go under this "restrictive" list is as follows: (please note the location of the power source need to be stated in any claim)

  1. Fresh water nymph, where they need to be close to their water source. Usually a puddle or a pond (not to be confused with ocean nymphs which is NOT restrictive to one spot for their power source is the ocean)
  2. Flower nymphs as said
  3. Tree nymphs (Yes, they're different from flower nymphs and yes, they need to be "attached" to one power source. In this case, a tree.)

6) Special requirements. Some nymph types have "special requirements" thus anyone looking to make a claim for these nymph types should take note. These 'special requirements' are:

  1. Snow and ice nymphs: THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED AT CAMP DURING SUMMER AND SPRING. no loophole no nothing. As they're life source is snow cold weather so if there's none of that how can they survive?
  2. Love nymph (Erotiads/Erotios): Eros and Aphrodite do not create the nymphs/spirits. They're made from other love nymph, more specifically an elder love nymph. Your love nymph could only be considered an elder when the source couple die.
  3. Light nymphs: Yes, Hyperion can make them, BUT must have very powerful argument for he is......there
  4. Death nymph (Mortiads/Mortios): NEED TO BE CREATED from an event where there's a lot of death. Take a pick from here.
  5. Second Generation Hesperides: They're kids of the original. No way around that, so explain how they're here.

Nymph Know-How

1) Male nymphs are called spirits and yes, they do exist so don't think we generalize the gender. So if you make a male nymph, it's fine.

2) Please please please be aware that nymphs are WEAKER than demigods. That's why you're allowed to have many of them as opposed to the general limit to demigods.

3) When I say there's no limit, I mean even a newbie can have 50 nymphs prior to entering Level 3. Nobody in the claiming department would stop them, but we would remind them about how many characters they need to control.

4) The appearance of the nymph (yes, beauty is gold here (kidding)). The appearance of the nymph is vital 'cause the nymph needs to look older than 9 (as per the rule in the 2.0 thing. You can read more about that here: CHBRP 2.0.

5) Nymphs CAN go to BC. In fact, one of the heads of the BC factions is an ocean nymph.

6) They're eternally young. If they are born (yes, some nymphs can be born from other nymphs), they would go through the usual stages of humanity (babyhood, toddler years, adolescence) then would stop growing all together.

7) Children of Calypso will have Sea Nymph powers, per a community vote.

Animal Nymph

IMPORTANT NOTE: Animal nymphs do not go through claiming, Signing up here and creating the page is all you really have to do.

Animal nymphs are created to protect a certain animal species by the god who is the patron of the species.

  1. These nymphs are in fact created so they can neither be born nor can they be turned into a nymph from another race.
  2. All of the nymphs have the same history. All were created on May in the year 2012, even if you are just making one now. As stated on the Animal Nymphs' page, you may include in the history what the nymph has been doing from then to present day. Training with the patron god, traveling with their animal, saving their animal from something that could cause them to go extinct, etc. If not, then it would just be assumed that your character didn't go straight to camp after they were created.
  3. Animal nymphs could possibly procreate because they are animals but according to wiki policy, code 113, subsection 12: "There will be no children of nymphs." (Not a real thing but there will be no children of animal nymphs. ^.^)
  4. The life force of the nymph is tied to the animal they are protecting. If the animal should go extinct, the nymph would also die.
  5. While there are nymphs for mythical creatures, there can be no prehistorical or non-Greek myth animal nymphs.
  6. Traits, powers, and animal control will vary depending on the type of nymph the nymph in question is.


Pet claims are the second easiest claims, besides animal nymphs (because animal nymph claims are nonexistent.) Of course, you can make it as detailed as you wish, but the requirement list is very low.

Domestic Pets (aka average pets)

You need to state:

  • Pet name
  • Pet owner
  • Where the pet will stay

Incredibly hard? Not at all.

Other Pets

Pets that are not domestic are trickier, but still extremely doable. Again, you will need the pet name, owner, and location where it stays. Besides this, you also need:

  • How the owner came to have this pet (please make it realistic. Please.)
  • An explanation on why it has abilities, if any.

Note: if the pet can grow larger than a Great Dane, you need to find it other accommodations besides the cabin. Be realistic about where the pet would stay.

Also, if the pet is a hellhound, they may only be owned by children of Thanatos or Hades. Because they can grow larger than a Great Dane, they will eventually need other accommodations besides the cabin.


  • A side note: for all those interested in giving their character a "rare" animal, be aware we follow real life rules and if the animal is extinct, please provide an explanation as to why the animal is in the demigod's possession and not in a zoo.
  • Another thing to add: if the animal could not under any circumstances survive on camp's grounds (let it be the climate or the fact it wasn't supposed to be here in the first place), please explain WHY on earth is it still alive and it is still here. Yes, this means you CAN have a penguin in camp, but MUST provide an explanation to HOW it is able to survive and what is the demigod doing to "help."
  • A grasshopper as a pet is fine and all, but if you say a grasshopper that can survive after being stepped on 20 times... Let's be real here and remember the "realistic" thing please.


Now that we've covered all the nymphs, we should go and tackle the hard part: the demigods. In all honesty, there is no general rule for demigods but here are the basics you should cover:

The main things you need to highlight are just:

  1. The mortal and godly parent meeting. This part of the history doesn't have to be very long. Maybe about a paragraph explaining how the two met and any event that led up to the conceiving of the demigod. (Please remember there should be no detail on the actual sexual part. Don't make claim work any harder than it already is.)
  2. The early childhood should also be around a paragraph explaining a bit about every few years. Not much detail has to go into this section. Simple things like what age they started school, when they found out about their dyslexia and ADHD (the severity of this varies), and other small things.
  3. Age of the first monster attack. This should be 10 to 13 for non-Big Three while 9 to 11 for Big Three (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades). Please also remember that the more demigods there are, the sooner the first monster attack would come, since more demigods would give off a stronger scent.
  4. Any other monster attacks the demigod encounter. After the first monster attack, the demigod should have at least one every year they are not at camp. So if a demigod is first attacked at 12 and gets to camp at 16, they should have about 4 monster attacks. Also please remember that not all monster attacks have to be described in detail. A simple sentence like this one --> "Throughout the years (insert demigod name here) was attacked by many monsters but with a bit of training and some help from (whoever may be helping them. A parent or another demigod etc., etc.) they were able to get by" should be fine.
  5. Although weapons are no longer needed on claims, please explain where the weapon came from since Celestial bronze weapons aren't just found lying around or on a shelf in the local supermarket.
  6. The mortal parent should be stated. If the parent died, then the legal guardian of the demigod should be stated. If the Mortal parent is clear-sighted or a demigod, then it should also be stated (although this part isn't always needed).
  • Please explain how the demigod came to know about camp. Maybe the godly parent told the mortal parent/legal guardian or simply left a note explaining everything. Don't forget to add how the demigod arrived at camp. This part doesn't have to be too long or detailed. A simple plane ride (if the demigod lives somewhere other than New York) and a cab to the bottom of Half-Blood Hill would be fine.
  • How he got to camp. Remember the how, what and who, 'cause we would ask that. The how is how he found camp as it IS hidden, the what is what made the demigod want to go to camp as some would decide to not go even when a harpy is right there... and the who is also important 'cause who told the demigod about camp? And why did that person tell the demigod?
  • How long the demigod has been staying at camp. This has been the very thing claim checkers would go after as we have this rule: how demigods can't claim to have stayed at camp for any time longer than 2 weeks. Please don't be one of those who get caught here. If you still insist on making your demigod stay any longer, please be aware you can make them summer time campers and only recently decided to stay full time. No claim checker can penalize you on that.

  • Godly parents can in no way directly interfere with their demigod's life. There are ways around this rule, but it is strictly forbidden for them to interfere. Please remember that because of this rule the godly parent will leave almost immediately after the demigod's birth.
  • Although not all demigods are found and taken to camp by a satyr, please remember that if they are, a satyr's main job is to take a demigod straight to camp. If there is any reason why the satyr would decide to let the demigod stay in the mortal world, then please put the reason.
  • Monster attacks: Only the first monster attack should be in detail. Such as the type of monster and how the demigod came to defeat the beast. Please remember that some monsters have powers such as shadow traveling or are 3 times the demigod's size so running away will not always work. Any other monster can be summarized like I stated above.
  • The plain rule for history length is 2 to 4 paragraphs, but it stated that it must cover everything we asked. However, if you can do it in less, you're good as a long history doesn't mean it fits our bill. Plus a long history would just mean more things to nitpick about.
  • Grammar. Grammar is not too important in claims, but it does make it a bit hard to read when there is constant bad grammar throughout the claim. Therefore, please try your best with grammar as it makes our jobs easier and also makes the claiming process easier.


As we all know, there are general exceptions to the general rules of demigods. Those exceptions are here but be warned, these 'exceptions' don't need to be just demigods. They can also be mortals or even nymphs in some cases.

Hunters of Artemis

These are those who turn their backs on the company of men (and as recent canon states: any type of romance) and would accompany Artemis in her hunt. The requirements for this are:

  • F.E.M.A.L.E. No males as Artemis is the guardian of virgins and young girls so she detests males. There is a myth where Artemis took pity on a man who accidentally saw her in her birthday suit and gave him a choice: die or become female and join the Hunt. Transgender women, being women, are allowed to join the hunt.
  • Must be a virgin... As is stated in the oath: "accept eternal maidenhood."

If your characters fit these two requirements (not that high right?) and if you want them to be in the hunt, you must be aware of these rules.

  • If they're part of the hunt, their other demigod powers are nullified. It's per the rules that were stated. We did a voting on this and to have them have their powers would considered a bit OP, don't you think?
  • Can only be in camp if sent by Artemis.
  • Will be banned from being in a relationship with a man anyone. [Don't even ask me about what Artemis considers to be a relationship...]
  • They're forever young for as long as they keep their oath.

Oracles, Priests, and Priestesses

Oracles can either be a mortal or a demigod. Some would even make their nymph characters into one. Same to that of a priest(ess), but please be reminded that these three are different and these are the things that make them different:

  • Oracles are used to make prophecies for quests while priests and priestesses are used to represent a god or a goddess.
  • There's a maximum of 6 Oracles in camp, while a priest can vary as there are a ton of gods and goddesses. Yes, even those without cabins can have a priest or priestess in camp. Check with the admin team before making an Oracle character.
  • Oracles stay in the Oracle Cave while priests and priestesses stays in either the cabin they're 'tasked' with or with the nymphs.

However, there are some similarities:

  • Both can retain their demigod powers, but would be considered a major character.
  • Both can't date or lose their virginity (and I mean even kissing is prohibited for the two.)
  • Both are forever young for as long as they serve their master.

Other creatures

Surprise there's more creatures other than demigods and nymphs!


These are robots (think Terminator) that were made by either a fellow demigod or Hephaestus himself. An example of this is Alexander the Great, the camp counselor. If you are interested in making one, please take note of these things:

a) When making an automaton, you need to explain who made it and why, and why it is now at camp. If you're making one for BC, please explain why they are there too.

b) Some people have made automatons as a sort of "container" for a soul of a fallen demigod or mortal. In these cases, they do NOT retain any of their demigod powers.

c) Automatons are generally stronger and quicker than humans (depending on how they were created.) However, they do have their own weaknesses. You can't (in any situation) make a super OP Automaton that would be against the rules.

d) Depending on how they were made, some could store electricity and use it as a weapon while others could fly up to Olympus (yes, they can have both), but remember the OP rule.

e) Automaton are not like humans. They do not need to sleep or eat but they do have to recharge.

f) Some Automatons could have been made thousand of years ago and others could have been made yesterday by a random Hephaestus kid. Yes, we allow both but please provide an explanation.

Want more expounding about this? Please go here.


YES you can make one satyrs and let him stay at camp it is completely allowed (you heard it here first)

if you want your own grover you can make one there's not much "stopping" you beyond the regular claiming rule.

still please take note Children of Pan would be satyrs, and have satyr powers

(if your interested to find more information check this Template:Satyr Powers

P.S: you can even make them BC


Yes you can have your own chiron and no we cant stop you but PLEASE follow the claiming rule and no they do have a power set

Template:Centaur Powers

As like Satyrs you can also make them BC


YES this is an actual thing. you can make ghost from any living thing we cant stop you (ever) yet please take note they have their own rule governing them

a)In order to remain a ghost, they must have some type of unfinished business to not want to pass over. Also, they'll only have ghost powers, no powers from their former selves, demigod, nymphs, etc. (to see the power set of ghost see here Template:Ghost Powers

b)They only "haunt" places they went while alive, so if the ghost was once just a regular mortal, chances are they wouldn't appear at camp, and if they do, you would have to explain why they had gone there while alive

Claim Checker Tips and Tricks

Omnia being... well, Omnia, duh

Loopholes (Demigod Version)

Okay, so sometimes we see claim checkers being "NO THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED SUICIDE MONSTERS CANNOT BE USED; THEY CANNOT BE OLDER THAN 14." The thing is, some of these are definite no-nos and don'ts (i.e. monster attacks, age limit, etc), but some ARE in fact allowed...within reason. The reason why sometimes claimers and checkers just go with the more definite "NO" than the "okay it's possible bUT" is very simple: It gets hectic, complicated, and frankly claims are as complicated enough as they already are.

This is a roleplay site - we shouldn't be discouraging people from being creative. Again, the main problem here is time, real life, and like stated before, IT'S COMPLICATED. Pulling together a really complex claim (especially if you're a newb) would be really tough. This is why for first claims, it's highly encouraged you stick to the norm so you can level up fast enough. THEN, you can go wild on your claims if you wish. It's more practical that way.

Almost everyone at some point has been claim checked and told off for not using a monster within reason. Frankly this is because some people mistakenly believe it's totally not OP to solo a drakon (only Clarisse LaRue was known to do that, and that was with the blessing of Ares.) Over time, I think that evolved into "easy monsters ONLY and medium with TWO OR MORE DEMIGODS."

There are loopholes around this. Yes, it IS still most definitely not possible for your demigod to solo a suicide level monster, but it IS possible for them to encounter them (and not die.) Before I start: PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE. Here's a list of very loose ideas on HOW:

  • The Hunters of Artemis. This is more likely for FEMALE demigods, seeing as the Hunters have a relentless hate for males. The Hunters have been mentioned once or twice to exist for the purpose of hunting down the more horrible monsters that plague demigods. It wouldn't be very unlikely that they could track a suicide monster down (coincidentally) somewhere nearby where your demigod is. Seeing as they keep to the wilderness (and only occasionally send out Hunters to get essentials from the more urbanized areas, I'm assuming), it'd be kind of ridiculous to expect them to show up in the middle of the freaking city. It's UNLIKELY, and less realistic, but if it was a really dire situation, they would.
  • The surprisingly not very used excuse of 'coincidentally lots of other demigods were in that place.' This also helps with personality development... Is your character into comics?Cosplaying? Conventions of any sort? Group rallies? Book month gatherings? Yeah, well, oh look, there were other demigods in that place where you were all meeting up and CRAP, here comes the suicide monster. We're all gonnna dieeee.
    • As mentioned somewhere, mortals generally can't see monsters because of the Mist (unless they are clear-sighted.) That means if the large, public disturbance is what you go for to give your demigod five minutes of panic, mortals are probably going to see something else than the man-eating, murderous thing that's salivating to devour the demigods. In other words, they'll also panic, and cue pandemonium and visibility problems!
    • To keep crap clear and less messy, have a good few of the random demigods to be trained and or adults. Keep it more sensible and have a few die. (Sorry, random NPC demigods...)
    • If it's a suicide monster, there WILL be injuries for everyone. Your demigod can be the lucky one who didn't get much more than getting thrown into a wall, or they can also be heavily injured. It's a suicide monster. What the hell were you expecting???
  • You're in a foster home and it turns out all your other foster siblings AND your foster parents are demigods. We've already sorta settled that more demigods + older = LOTS AND LOTS OF MONSTERS/MORE DANGEROUS MONSTERS. This one...speaks for itself.
I'm going to stop there, since I think this is enough to demonstrate that this IS possible.

Pretty sure the age rule has been enforced so many times claim owners learn to know it's the first thing they should fix. We've already established that Big Three kids get attacked earlier, and the common demigod gets attacked roughly during ages 11-13.

That said, there can be some reasons why they weren't attacked until later. One surefire way is being around a truly despicable human that masks their demigod "scent" to monsters. Heck, this is why Percy Jackson himself wasn't attacked earlier.

Broken Covanant

Now that we've covered the basics, it's time to go to the complicated part. The Broken Covenant (or BC for short) is the enemy of camp to make camp look less generic and to allow everyone to have a bit more of an interesting RP experience. As like in the books Percy with his enemy the BC is ours. Get it? (please say yes so we can continue on our next portion) yes ok now lets see the requirement of making a BC char!

More rules

Before we start, please note that BC claims go over Here.

  • They have the same basic rules and regulation of claims (thus why this is here underneath everything)
  • As you know non-cabin god kids typically go to the BC, but some cabin kids (like Zeus and Hermes) have positions in the BC as well (an example is the leader Heinrich Alten, a Hebe kid).
  • As mentioned demigods are not the only one welcomed to join BC, but please give us a GOOD reason to why your character chooses to defect to the BC, as most species must have some loyalty to the gods or goddesses (Like for instance and Wind Nypmh. They were MADE from one of the gods, so give us some good reason to why they would choose to turn their back).
  • Basically, those going to BC must have a SOLID reason to why they want to defect from camp to the BC. Please make the reason stronger than "my dad didn't bring me to camp so I'm defecting (something someone once actually wrote on a claim for BC).
  • If the reason to defecting is accepted, you then need to tell us which faction they choose to go to. There's 5 Choices. (Take note on this - it's very important.)

-First one is "Opus Superum", where they believe that demigods should rule everyone as they have powers making them superior to mortals. In a nutshell, they just want to overpower everyone and be in power.

-The second one is "Liberi Superum", whose main objective is to get the mortals to worship demigods and not the gods. They're willing to use any tricks to "get" that "worship" from the mortals ...and when I say anything I mean it anything. Their creed even includes "By any means necessary. This could be befriending them, torturing them, or controlling them. Anyway you need to, we must get these mortals to worship us and not our parents..... For the Broken Covenant! Regemus Letalis! "

-The third one is "Ortu Justitiae". Like Liberi, they want to work with the mortals, but they're going a step further. They wish to use the mortals to "fuel" their so-called rebellion (as there's more mortals than gods) so that they can overpower the gods and take their power for themselves.

- The forth is "Veritum Unitum". Generally, they believe the gods are making demigods weapons of mass destruction and taking away their freedom. According to them, the gods largely ignore demgiods, and rather than helping them in the times of need the gods ignore them and only give them weapons to fight (rather than help them fight), in a way taking away the demigods liberty to do what ever they want.

-The last and most recent addition is "Civitas Popularis". Their ideas are the least bit "volatile" than the others, as they wish to overthrow the gods, but only for the reason that they want to make them more "efficient", by creating a democracy system.

  • After you've picked faction now you HAVE TO explain why you/your character picked that faction. The explanation must show your character's core beliefs, and why that faction goes well with those beliefs.
  • If you have a camp character, you can make them defect to the Broken Covenant. Just create a Broken Covenant claim page, link to your character's character page, and explain their reasoning for defecting and their faction choice.
  • The defecting thing can work both ways. Some BC characters have defected to camp. However, the same goes with reasoning, and the character would have to justify this to the camp and somehow prove their trustworthiness.
  • YOU ALSO NEED TO MENTION HOW YOUR CHARACTER FOUND THE BROKEN COVENANT! The BC is possibly an even more closely guarded secret than Camp Half-Blood. It's not easily found.

Random facts about BC

  • Some BC and camp chars ARE allowed to communicate with one another (yes they're close, in fact Camp and the BC are seperated by one forest and that's it). These communications can be deadly as a fight,or can be romance based (in fact, a previous patriarch of the erotiads (Kayden) was made from the forbidden love of a camper and a BC member).
  • Under NO circumstances can the leaders of the BC be changed (there's a vote surrounding this).
  • The BC can do things such as going to nearby towns and wreaking havoc. They've typically very evil. (Saw a roleplay once about two BC characterss kidnapping two girls, drugging them and then doing stuff to them before letting the two girls yeah do your worst, as long as you still follow the wiki's policies.)