Zer0TheNinja Zer0TheNinja 17 September 2013

I'm Addressing the Elephant in the Room

I know many star levelled users feel this way, and I think I am the only one so far to stand up and say it, but in the end it doesn't matter who says it first. It has come to my attention that much of us star-levelled users are not being listened to, I have evidence of fights that have kept going despite what a star-levelled user has said because they are not the all mighty Bach. Now, this is a severe problem. We need users to realize, even if we aren't Bach, we deserve respect as well for just having a star, and you need to listen to us no matter what. People need to stop questioning a star levelled user's judgement, if it was Bach, you wouldn't question it, admit it. Now I understand this is a 2 way street, I know of many star-levelled u…

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Zer0TheNinja Zer0TheNinja 5 March 2013

Bad news

So basically some shit just happened tonight that has just sent me into the shittiest mood I've ever been in. I might not be on for a few days and stuff so don't delete my chars or anything. I'm sorry for this and I hope things get better. Basically an extremely close family member has just committed suicide so I'm sorry if I seem a bit down for a while and shit. 

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