Okay most of you wouldn't care and every thing what  have to say but those who do, then please know that I love you for caring. Okay, to business. To those who know me, I usually do a fair edits per day but now, you guys might notice I'm not. Some users would leave a couple of messages on my talk page, character pages and all and I haven't been replying for an awfully long time. So here's the reasons why: 

  1. Mainly because editing on tablets are simply annoying and hard. I use laptop to edit and do some stuffs on the wiki and now that it's quite... I don't know, dysfunctional? Maybe because it's old that it cannot edit on wiki's anymore (let's add something like an xD there). I'm a spelling freak so I usually like to go back and edit and doing that is so irritatizg >.<
  2. School. We all know school don't we? Yeah, you guys might be/enjoying your summer vacation in June but in our country, Philippines, school starts on June and ends somewhere mid-March. Extracurricular also comes in the way especially a lot in June-November. Projects, home works too and teachers can be really stressful most of the time -.- so I usually get home late and exhausted that one time, I fell asleep without eating dinner at all and woke up like 4 in the morning and ate breakfast/dinner.
  3. Wattpad :3 recently my current obsession. So in between roleplaying, school and activities, I'm starting a story over there and I'd love to make stories. A lot of story ideas got across my mind that I badly wanted to read so yeah. Why not write it? Blame my brain xP Another thing, I also do a few helpful service to people over there such as making them covers, critiquing their work etc. 

That's pretty much all. I'm not quite sure when will I be able to get back editing in laptop for convenience >.< just so you guys know. Don't expect an immediate reply. I hate typing on tabs, okay? Okay. If it took me over a week not responding, bug me on my talk page. Also, coding is extremely hard on tab cuz it takes so long to load the preview T-T once I am able to get on an internet station, I'm gonna fix my Sig and revamp my user page and pretty much clean up everything.

One more thing! I might not be able to help out more often on claims for two reasons: a) because the comments of other helpers/users are so long I don't wanna get there and b) because again, I am busy. Checking claims and categorizing stuffs would be quite seldom from me but I promise. To do my best to get to them.


.walkietalkie. May the forces of evil be confused on the way to your house.Mathemagician

P.S. Whoa. Never in a world would I thought I would make a blog xD

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