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Name it JunYao and could u help me check on wht i did wrong? cuz the text aren't showing up when i type

actually nvm i got everything taken care of plus the name

Light Chaser, Euphoria97 (talk) 17:00, May 8, 2020 (UTC)

my sugar mom twinny

u deserve this if i didnt give it already

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I thoroughly enjoy talking to you, and am glad you're on this

wikia. Thanks for being a pal


Sunshine1.png Manolo Should I fly to the sky Special:EditCount/Zany KnaveSunshine1.png

A Diamond Soul For Your Diamond Heart

hi blueby do u have this yet uwu

Diamond Soul

The Diamond Soul is awarded to you by Elfie, for having over 10,000 edits on Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki!

the way to my heart is through my stomach.- elfie 05:21, June 7, 2020 (UTC)

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