Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki
Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki

Timezone: (UTC +8 Hours)
Local Time: 16 September 11:16am
Availability: Weekly: Unpredictable
Busy Dates: 01.05.2017 ++


  1. Make a new header.
  2. Sign your messages, or tell me who you are.
  3. Feel free to message me your thoughts, ideas, and concerns. I'd love to hear them unless you violate rules #6-#8. :)
  4. For people I do not reply to, I almost always reply. If I don't, message me again. Most likely, I have not received it, especially if you sent it in chat.
  5. For people who want to RP, please accept my weird schedule. By messaging me, it means you understand that in case I disappear, I probably don't hate you or the rp. I rarely take things personally.
  6. For people who want to share models, please check again if the model is under my name in the Model Registration. If yes, no -- unless we're FB friends, which you'd then still have to message me.