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Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! Meloney (talk) 22:11, April 5, 2016 (UTC)


Yea i could help you with your character. Just leave any messages you have on my talk page and i'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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EmiChannel (talk) 00:33, April 13, 2016 (UTC)


Nope.we don't really do that anymore unless the cabin is realy really full. So dont worry about it. Need anything else lemme know!

Mamamoo1.png  is coming back for you~


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you; "WIP" is short for "Work In Progress" (it notes that the claim is incomplete—for instance, your claim lacking a history). The date listed with the WIP in the page title is the date you have to complete the claim before it becomes subject to deletion! Hope this clears things up! c:

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That clears it all up, and I'd better complete it.

Level Five

Hello, and congratulations on becoming a level five! This means that you are now a full fledged member of this wikia. Sorry for the long delay, and any inconveniences it may have caused. That being said, I must ask, were you a part of the Adopt a Newb program? If so, who was your mentor?

Mamamoo1.png  is coming back for you~ 12:40, May 27, 2016 (UTC)


Hello. :) So A friend and I have decided that this wiki needs to change and take a new term, but it has been so long since we ourselves have been new to Camp. So we decided that we needed to reach out to new users. I picked you because you have been here for less than six months, and your first few weeks are fresher.

You need not take the Survey, but it would be much appreiciated if you did.


I'm King of the Clouds
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Hey there! I'm Eternal Sterek, an admin for the Human Resources Department and I'm just going around, checking on things.

I've noticed that you haven't edited in quite a while. Traditionally, for users who don't edit for a long time, we archive their characters since they're not technically in use. If you don't make an edit or give notice of your inactivity, all your characters will be archived after a week (7/14).

Don't worry though, unarchiving characters are very easy and if you read this message after yours have been archived, just message me on my talk page and I'll restore them for you. That's all, hope you're doing well.

ESSig2.png "Don't be such a sourwolf." ~SterekESsig.png


Hi there! Regarding your inactivity, would you prefer to be marked as "Officially Inactive" or "Semi-Active"? For the former, it would mean that you'd really be unable to make edits in a while and for the latter, it would mean that you'd only be able to make a few edits once every few days or so. Which one do you think would fit your situation?

Also, for roleplaying, I would suggest that you find a roleplay buddy or someone in chat that would be willing to RP with you. I think it's hard to just post somewhere out of the blue because not everyone would be interested to reply. You should drop by chat sometimes because usually that's where people socialize and talk about roleplaying and stuff. As for the claims, I suggest you create a Sandbox page, much like mine where you are free to just write anything in like histories, coding and stuff without the risk of being deleted. Once you're done with the whole thing, that's when you should put them up in claiming forum.

Hope I helped! :))

ESSig2.png "Don't be such a sourwolf." ~SterekESsig.png

Hey There!

Hi Emi (If you'd prefer to be called something else let me know) I'm Sam, and I heard you were looking for someone to RP with.  I'm here everyday and RPing has been slow so I'd be willing to RP with you.  I'll always answer a post and never leave you hanging.  If you'd like to RP with me just give a quick message on my talk page and we'll set something up.  Look forward to hearing from ya!

SolitarySouls (talk) 15:56, July 12, 2016 (UTC)


Hey there! I'm Eternal Sterek, head of the Human Resources Department and I'm just going around, checking on things.

I've noticed that you haven't edited in quite a while. Since you are marked as ‘Officially Inactive’, you’re given six months leeway before your characters are archived. However, that time is expiring by 1/11. If you haven’t made any edits by then, I would have to archive your characters.

Don't worry though, unarchiving characters are very easy and if you read this message after yours have been archived, just message me on my talk page and I'll restore them for you. That's all, hope you're doing well.

Wolf-emblem-icon-31.png 69329d4de6ac0dce66c880634aa8f299.png "Not all monsters do monstrous things." ~Sterek


Hey there! I'm Eternal Sterek, head of the Human Resources Department and I'm just going around, checking on things.

I would just like to inform you that since haven't edited in more than six months, all your characters have been archived, regardless of your 'Officially Inactive' status.

Also, as per the results of the new model policy, you have lost all rights to all your models, including reserved ones. If you ever come back and find that one of them are being used by other users, you will have to ask them if they’re okay with sharing. If not, then you’ll have to look for another model for that character.

If you wish to have all your characters restored, just message me on my talk page. That's all, hope you're doing well.

Wolf-emblem-icon-31.png 69329d4de6ac0dce66c880634aa8f299.png "Not all monsters do monstrous things." ~Sterek


Sure thing. If it's okay though, can you send me a list of the characters you want restored? Thank you!

Wolf-emblem-icon-31.png 69329d4de6ac0dce66c880634aa8f299.png "Not all monsters do monstrous things." ~Sterek


Emilio Crawford has been restored. Have fun!

P.S. Will you count yourself as Active, or do you need a Semi-Active/Officially Inactive status? Thanks!

ESSig2.png "Don't be such a sourwolf." ~SterekESsig.png

Re: Video

OMG I've seen that! I think a lot of people would join the wiki if all goes well after. HAHHAHAA Time to subscribe to Disney+ then.
Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Re: Disney +

Really? :'( Well, not so sure. Some people here might, some won't. Probably someone's going to share their account somehow. For me, I won't subscribe, but I'll find someone to freeload. LOL. Usually, it happened to my netflix and spotify. HAHAHAHA btw, I'm not gonna reply too much tonight. I need to finish my 3k word essay. It's actually essays of 500 words, but I got lazy and missed all of them. Now, my Chinese teacher be PM-ing me to fix em up HAHHAHAA
Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Re: Shows

IF I can manage to get the site, I could share an account with you through email. However, I'm not too fond of watching shows, since I spend a lot of time on Harvest Moon and sleeping. So, the chance is slim. I'll also inform you if I hear anything in Discord. HAHHAA I feel bad for not being as productive as I was before, but oh well. Best of luck to your exams by the way! Also, I'll call you Emi, and are you in HS? HAHAHA Sorry. I just made the connection from your character's timeline too.Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken


Damn, you make me feel old. I'm like 21, but I've gotten a year course after my 4 years in college. Shit. Nah, I just understand what it feels like to have frugal parents. HAHAHA. Also, it's fine. A lot of users here eventually make friends with another. In fact, if you come onto Discord, you'll find that most of us are even connected in Facebook. LOL. Well, maybe. I'm still thinking about it. I have skipped online class for 2 months. Now, I'm cramming 2 months of papers in about 2 weeks. LOL. Nah, don't be sorry! I'm just guessing. Usually, I judge users or gauge them from their first character. Idk. It's just a weird thing about me. Also, oh. Sophomore year? Nice. Treasure highschool, dude, but love college. HAHAHAH College is where the fun is all at, if you get the right crowd. Also, isn't the minimum age 9?
Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Re: Twinny

  • Yeah, dude. Thirty more years, and I'm dead. Well, unless I'm the one who decides to cut it off.
  • Well, I usually say you'll find the Oli to your Brocky. They're the two B-crats here who've stayed with the wiki ever since they entered. Real good friends. You make me miss my kid "twin," which was this user I got so close to but left now. Apart from her though, I still have a lot of friends here. You should feel free to RP with them. Some of them include: User:AoCatrene, User:Meloney, User:Demi-hunter13, and User:Riri25. Of course, the friend list goes on, but they're some of the OG ones that were back with me here since 2012.
  • HAHAHAHAA I like how you're kind and thoughtful enough to not slap me with 'fuck, u lazy ass.' HAHAHAHA
  • Yeah, that's what I noticed. Usually, the first is the strongest reflection, and the rest just follow. Then when you look at overall, you'll see preference patterns. I was kinda like my first kid, but she's old now. I let her leave and transferred my personality into Haze. LOL.
  • Dude, I had fun in college. HAHAHA. While grades do matter, there are some experiences you can't miss. Are you planning to take Engineering as well?
  • OHHHHH. Maybe. The previous administration didn't like some how kids literally created kids. HAHAHAHAHA It was rather stressful to claim the next PJO when you're trying to create a fair environment for the wiki.

Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Re:Bullet Points

  • I like how we just reply each other thru bullet points. So organized.
  • Yeah, dude. We even met in real life. The other two are in Malaysia, so I'll only get to meet them if I go with my parents for their business trip. HAHAHAHA. They're really nice people, so feel free to hit em up.
  • Part me wonders how you stumbled on my characters' page. HAHAHAHA
  • HAHAHHAHA that's good of you. Whenever I feel like I'm lying or complimenting someone too much, I just stay quiet. HAHAHAHA
  • Oh. Engineering's only one choice? What are the rest?
  • Wait, you have other characters?
  • Yeah, this wiki went through a lot of changes. However, it's more or less the same. I can't imagine what will happen to our rules once the Percy Jackson series comes up. Surely, tons of new votes will swarm in.

Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken


  • By RP friends, what site were you on previously? Also, don't sweat about it. Life's long. You can leave another time, or they can visit.
  • Well, I guess the pleasure's mine then. HAHAHA thank you for finding it interesting enough
  • Oh? Which godly parent? For camp or NA?
  • Perhaps, not quite sure either. I left 2017 if I remember correctly. What time did you come in?

Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken 13:45, May 17, 2020 (UTC)

Re: I See

Well, we'll see if I take a look at that claim or someone else will. :) It's glad you came back. Now, I'll reply late, 'cause I decided to skip my paper and watch a movie. HAHAHAHA fmlSuch is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Re:Thank You Letter

No worries! It was my duty to do it. I should actually apologize for taking so long before adding you to the registry. Anyways, if you have any models you would like to have reserved, you can let me know and I'll add them. You are entitled to five spots ;)

Tumblr ouv59muTbB1s9b12bo1 500.png  Migsig.png

Re: Backstory

I'll be busy these three days, but I think I can reply to IMs. What's up? Do you have a draft/idea?
Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken


Nah, dude, I will reply. It's rude not to. I can't even ghost people that absolutely weird in my old Bumble profile. HAHAHAHA. Anyways, I'm not exactly good with unique backstories. There's always these options, or you can mix/add to them:

  • Online dating website / Vine / Tumblr - like a fling that became more
  • Heroic deed where Aglaea watched from afar, or saving her daughter
  • Al being a therapist where Yared's a depressed, suicidal af guy who got redeemed
  • Hephaestus/Aglaea love story, where Heph started thinking about his ex Aphrodite, so Ag went to find a mortal like Heph to rebound
  • Yared's gay, and he can't get his inheritance unless he gets a wife. Instead, he has a fuckin baby w/o screwing Ag HAHAHAHAHA

Damn, I'm rather empty.Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Re: Ideas

It's a good thing we met here and not in a project. HAHAHAHAHA Yeah, ghosting. You know, like disappearing on someone after you have talked or leaving someone on seen. LOL. I feel like they're meh, so I'm happy at least they're good enough for you. Anyways, update me once your claim's done. I'll check it and have it approved, if someone else hasn't done so. :) BTW, they're reviving these friendship badges, so let me give you mine. Friendship badges are like this old trend we used to have back in 2012-2014. It's been so long.


With this badge, know how dear you are to me. I don't know what's happening on the other side of my screen; however, you still did what you have done for me, so thank you. You revived a life and gave it wings. May I be of the same friend to you.

Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Re: How Cute

Yeah, getting ghosted makes you doubt your self-worth and makes a party person. LOL. At least, that's what happened to me until I realized alcohol fucks up your acidity levels if you're already sick. Hmm... you know, the most creative person (with easy to digest histories) I've seen in the wiki is this guy. You can stalk him. Hehehe. He inspires. No regrets though! Also, it's fine, dude. We're helpers, and they're part of the admin team. It's protocol to immediately claim asap. Anyways, yeah, don't worry. :) It's all good. You can take as much as you'd like.
Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken


I'd love to, thank you!! <3 I keep forgetting she was on Mako, but I loved Allie in that show. But yes, I'd love to rp! where to?

Re: Brown

HAHAHA Sorry late reply. I was requesting for user rights as rollback, so I could claim instead of just commenting.I was initially going to claim her already. Didn't think of Yorkie's comment. That's why I didn't comment. Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Re: Claims

That sounds great, fam! I suggest doing through Official Wiki Helpers first. That's how you gain your reputation, I guess. We used to not have that before, so it was straight chat admins for work and then rollback. Now, it's a system with an exam.
Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Re: Usefulness

Oh, the reputation is for voting to become part of the admin team. Obviously, unless the wiki's severely understaffed, they can't promote people who come in without helpful edit. Don't worry. :) The wiki might be more quiet after the pandemic, but there's always going to be another one you can come back to. PLus, it all chill. Don't worry. To be honest, your answer reminds me of this user. She eventually became Bcrat though. Don't doubt yourself, and don't worry too much. The wiki's chill, and the people here are nice. They don't have a reason to be toxic online.
Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Re: Claims

LOL. I'd like to say... you're a somebody waiting to be discovered. Not a nobody. LOL. Even the smallest people contribute, whether that's significant or insignificant. Plus, it depends on the receiver's perspective. Oh, damn. Sorry to hear that. Well, there were also crazy users here, but I bet they're knocked up in the head outside the wiki too. I don't think they have a separate reason. Then again, I might be wrong, since someone suspected an old user to be 40 but claiming to be 12. Who knows? About me ghosting, nah, I have thick skin. LOL. I tend to not care unless it involves money. That's why I said it was good we met in the wiki, not in a project in real life. My friends call me "gago," which is like a Filipino word for the personality of an asshole. Nah, don't worry. You can take a chill pill with me. If I get offended --- wait, I usually don't for myself. Instead, I get offended when someone touches on people I care about. I think I owe my crazy traditional Asian family gratitude. Nothing can be scarier than the anxiety they give me. It helps deal with other things. So, don't think too much. It's a safe space, bro. :)
Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken


Uh, idk about poetic. That's just how I see things >.< oof. HAHAHAHAHA it's fine. You should heal as long as you want to LOL. Agreed, but I don't mind about the user doing that. They didn't prey on children, if ever, or so I think. Yeah, you tend to do that, but like we established previously, thinking isn't an entirely bad thing. :) Also, gago's often joked. Sometimes, it's a compliment. My friends call me that 'cause I can be a jerk. For example, I'm kind of a fast driver. I once made a cop think I was going to stop the car - only to make him walk father from his motorbike and run away. Stuff like that. Rules for me are more of suggestions. LOL. The worse cases I'd rather not confess on a public talk page. That's great :) I'm glad you found the wiki, and we can become friends. Also, I'll reply less until May 31. I want to finish my contest entry. So stressed. HAHAHAHA. Maybe I should just quit.
Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Re: Thank you letter

Hey Emi! It was no problem at all. I'm happy to help, and always feel free to leave me a message if there's anything I can do, or if you just want to chat/rp! 

the way to my heart is through my stomach.- elfie 20:08, May 28, 2020 (UTC)

Re: RP

Hey Emi, I'd love to RP with you! I can use my Aeolus kid, Abbie, if that sounds good? Where would you like to go?

the way to my heart is through my stomach.- elfie 22:22, May 28, 2020 (UTC)

Re: RP

Awesome, sounds good! I made a page for our RP here! And sorry hahah, I meant where did you want to RP. Sorry for the late reply!

the way to my heart is through my stomach.- elfie 06:45, May 29, 2020 (UTC)

Re: Quitting

We'll see. I still need a page done and a lot of polishing. It's due in a day, so I can be chill a bit. Aww. That's glad to hear :) At least you grow and heal here. LOL, it isn't synonymous to jerk. What I'm saying is I made the poor guy walk all the way just to ditch him is a jerk move HAHAHAHHA But, that can never beat my other friend who's spoiled and scared to shits when he was asked to pull over. He literally told the cop, "how much?" Then the cop got shocked, but I said, "oh no, sir, how much is the fine." HAHAHAHAAHAH Also, yeah, it's fun to outsmart systems. IDK. personal kink maybe. Anyways, yeah, the worse cases might get be corporately fined or jailed HAHAHAHA so, we leave those be. ANyways, I hope you do well on your exam! It's today! :) Tell me how it goes! I'll come back officially after I do my history.
Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Well, *knocks on wood*, I have yet to get caught. If I do, I have friends who are established lawyers already, so I'll just enjoy my freedom for a while. I'm not quite sure if I'll win, since everyone else's good as well. Oh, the stress. Thanks for the encouragement though! :)
Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken


It's fine :) HAHAHA I don't mind late replies. Thanks for the encouragement. HAHAHA
Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Re: Plots

I did, and my Chinese themed history won surprisingly. :)) I'll have my character page set up and show you later. Anyways, go to Claiming:Quests. Just fill up the details for that. Quests can be anything from defeating a being to retrieving an item for a god. They can fight, but it cannot be the main purpose of the quest, as R&D is still trying to find ideas to do CoO. As for CoO joining, I doubt. It's a camp quest. No, the CoO doesn't have to go through claiming before the quest, if you were to make the character.
Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Re: As Promised

Also, as promised, here's the guy Xavier Yan. And, if you're going to make a quest and you need help, feel free to ask me. I've led about 4 by now and gone to a few others. Tbh, the best part about the quest is the rewards you can say the god would grant for the success.
Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken

Awww, how sweet. Thanks, though it was tough. Everyone else who entered seemed to have won something similar before. HAHHAHAHA! I have never won a character contest before, so you can't call me good. No problem. Just hit me up once it exists. Also, yeah, I gave a few of my kids immortality, because they're dating nymphs and I don't want them to die. I forgot what I gave Haze and Kiel, but I'll check when necessary. Really great excuses to do magical stuff.
Such is life~ lol. Jap32.gifBroken