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  • I was born on September 18
  • I am gay af


Hi and welcome to Camp Half-Blood Roleplaying wikia! I'm Frostleaf1615, a camp helper around here. If you're experiencing any problems, feel free to let myself or any other admin know and we'll help you! Here are a few good links for beginners:

  • Adopt a Newb (A program we have basically where level five and admin team users can 'adopt' new users and help them through their first few weeks on the wikia.
  • Claiming:Camp (Here's where all demigod characters are claimed and any nymphs besides animal nymphs are.)
  • Claiming:Animal Nymphs 101 and Template:Animal Nymphs Sign Up (Both animal nymph things that are recommended to read. The sign-up is where you actually sign up for spots.)
  • Banned Face Claims (Where models prohibited for use on this wikia are located. Please look here first before picking a model.)
  • Model Registration (Where all models in use/reserved are located. Cross-reference here.)

~ Frost

Re: Adoption

You can have Athalie, just make sure to notify an admin so that they can make the necessary changes.

- WoW

Enoch Cooper

Enoch Cooper's claiming page has been deleted. Please remember that once a claim checker leaves notes on your claim, you have to respond to them within a week, or else it would be deleted. The same thing happens if you leave a claim in the claiming page unfinished for a week. If you want to have it back or you have any questions, please message me or another administrator.

Thank you!

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