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For the Claiming

In the claiming, you need more details on how he got here, how his childhood went and how his parents met, also the title has to be Claiming:Camp/Guan Minks not just Claiming:Camp/Guan!



also you cannot have two claims that are both labeled Guan.



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Image Vpting

Umm, heads up, you cant vote on images because you're not level 5. Soryy


heads up

Just to let you know, image voting is only for users who are level 5, so it isn't something you can vote on yet

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Sure :) I'll look at it :D

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Ok, there's a few things I picked up on the first thing is with the parents, it would be better that you would go into a bit more detail, like how many times did they meet before going to bed with each other? Were they both sober when Guan was conceived, or had they had a bit to much to drink?

You said someone tried to adopt him when he was 3, in brackets maybe you could specify who it is? If its a God or a messenger, they wouldn't adopt the demigod, they usually leave demigods be to make their own way in the world, but if its a monster, they wouldn't really attack him until the age of ten. 

How can he survive being homeless at the age of ten? If your not sure how, maybe he could have met other demigods and he travelled with them a bit but they died in a monster battle? Or maybe the foster homes foound him again whilst the other demigods were killed fighting, lets say, the Minotaur, and the empousai could be a worker, and Tower could be a neighbour of the foster home?

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Per the results of the image vote for the model: Kevin Mchale, the vote has been passed that the model is too recognizable. The image you have uploaded for this claim has been deleted and unfortunately you need to find a new model for the claim.

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