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Welcome to the Camp Half-Blood Role Play Wiki!!!

Thank you for your edit to the Claiming:Camp/Elk Fosters page. As you are new here you start out at Entry Level, if you haven't done so already please visit the Getting Started page to learn how to get your character claimed, and what to do from there. As an entry level user, you are allowed one character spot.

Once you have a character claimed, and have your page up, here are some useful places to start learning your way around the wiki.

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Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! Eternal Sterek (talk) 03:04, July 15, 2017 (UTC)


Would you be up for an rp?

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy

Hello Hannah,

may I ask what the code or the name of your word bubble for Elk is? Because I desperatly searched everywhere, but I couldn't find it!? ^^

All the best, Phrasie <3

EuphrasieProuvaire (talk) 18:56, August 10, 2017 (UTC)


Thank you so much!!! I found it and finally managed to create this word bubble :D

EuphrasieProuvaire (talk) 20:54, August 10, 2017 (UTC)


Well we could get started now?

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First off welcome to the wiki! Now to answer your question your level does move up each week and with that comes new character spots.

Gigi Brocky Good morning, Miss Goode! 27,001


Whatever works for you for roleplaying is awesome! Let me know when you're starting up!

Flopfish3 (talk) 01:13, October 4, 2017 (UTC)


It's perfectly fine. At least you're doing better than what I did when I joined people's rps, I only asked one person and would be a pest when I joined. Also did you get a random notification on another wiki from me?

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy

Heyo friend :)

Just wanted to check in if you're doing ok, and also if you're still in on the roleplay entitled a weird new world?

Flopfish3 (talk) 01:14, October 10, 2017 (UTC)

No worries! I'm glad you're alright.

Flopfish3 (talk) 01:35, October 10, 2017 (UTC)

See inital message :)

Flopfish3 (talk) 17:36, October 15, 2017 (UTC)


Well, I do wanna use Eleus power set.

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy

Well, you could because I'm away for the weekend without wifi. You can just send me some basic ideas on my wiki though.

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy

Still in on A Weird New World?

Are you still interested in A Weird New World? Your character just got asked about if there's a place to train at Camp Half-Blood - where they go from here is up to you! Lead the way :)


I had an idea while I was away. It was changing the god parent to Zeus because I wanted to use Ezra Miller for my ones fc.

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I'm fine with that, even though I've wanted to use her for ages but haven't had any ideas. So I had one idea, they have two dads, including Zeus.

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy


Still find with that. The idea was more Zeus had a kid with another man. I might go with something like that too, some stupid reference to marvel and the sky, like Thor.

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy

I reckon they both should be like that because of some reason in their history, like maybe their mortal dad was super strict. I know about the attacks thing. I'll start trying to wrote things to, if I get any ideas.

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy


Dude, I just had an amazing idea, Angel (if you still are going with that name) almost joins the Hunters of Artemis when their dad almost kills her but my char convinces her otherwise.

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy

Well, what would you prefer? There is one thing, BC claims take forever to be claimed.

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy

Let's do that then. Can you get on chat here so we can talk some more about them?

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy

More Ideas

So I came up with a name for my char, Aekely, and another idea, they both reject their last name by the time they get to camp.

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy


I like the both of those ideas. For the one about Aekely convincing Angel not to do certain stuff, how about we get real dark and say that Aekely convinced Angel not to kill herself a couple of times and even stopped her from hanging herself?

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy

Just came up with a very stupid idea, Aekely would do something rebellious, which would normally be bringing girls home that he knows their dad would hate or even stealing, and a certain girl becomes their step mother.

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy


Well right now I'm on another chat here so could you get on there (the owner of the wiki says it's alright)?

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy

Still in for Roleplay?

Are you still in for A Weird New World? I've noticed that you and Uni don't seem too excited about it, so if you want to end it and go on to a different roleplay, that's ok too.

Ah I'm sorry I forgot the signature! Flopfish3 (talk) 20:16, October 28, 2017 (UTC)

Aekely and Angel

Hey, I edited their page if you didn't see, so can you get on chat so we can talk about it?

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man.JammySiggy

Eros LT

Hey there, because there is no one else left to fill the spots, I've decided to promote your character, Minnie McAllistor to Eros LT. If you don't want the spot or have any questions, feel free to IM me. Thanks and congrats!

ESSig2 "Don't be such a sourwolf." ~SterekESsig


Hey Hannah, Cambria is challenging Minnie for Eros' lieutenant!

Forkane I'm here to tell you you're doing a terrible job. ~Kane


Hello there! It has come to our attention that it's been more than a month since your last edit. While you be needing the officially inactive status? If there is no response by the 10th, your characters are subject to archiving.

Mamamoo1  is coming back for you~

Sure thing!

I'd love to start a new RP! I'm waiting to figure out whether I can use my Hera character, and then if I can I'd love to start roleplaying with her.

Flopfish3 (talk) 17:18, March 3, 2018 (UTC)

Re: Sure thing

Kara is ready to go as a character now, so I can start an RP whenever you'd like!

Flopfish3 (talk) 14:24, March 4, 2018 (UTC)

Small queston. I tried to click on Minnie to look at her character, but it said page does not exist? Is the link broken? Also, feel free to take the RP in whichever direction you'd like! I'm enjoying having a new character now. Flopfish3 (talk) 17:05, March 4, 2018 (UTC)

Activity Check

From the Administration of CHBRPW

Good day, Hannahgrace.05!

In light of the recent "death" of our beloved wiki, we, the members of the admin team, along with other helpers, are exerting all efforts to ensure the revival and restoration of Camp Half-Blood to its former glory.

Expansions are being planned, and new activities are being formulated to bring back the activity we once had. A new chat server is now in place in the form of the Discord App, and several users have already returned and are socialising on there, so make sure to drop by and say hi!

But first, we would like to ask you a question. It requires a simple yes or no answer. Would you be willing to come back and be active again? Think of this as a call-to-arms, because essentially, without a stable userbase, CHB will inevitably fall into the pits of the Tartarus of Inactivity once again. Of course, we also know that real life comes first, and if you feel like you don't have time yet to come back, just tell us so. We'd appreciate the heads-up.

Anyway, if your answer is yes, and that you're ready to jump back in and return, just leave me an Iris Message on my talk page! I will be contacting you once again regarding characters, slots, and reserved models. If not, well, we hope to see you again in the future.

That's all and thank you very much for your time!

Note: You are given a two-week response period. If you do not respond within that time frame, the admin team reserves the right to archive/delete all of your existing characters. If you happen to read this message after the two week period is done, just give me another IM and I'll be happy to restore your characters for you.

For any inquiries, please contact any administrator and we will make sure to address your problems. Thank you!

Note: This is a mandatory check. If you've been active the past few months, but still received this Iris Message, kindly just reply with "yes".
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