Hecate Grimm

aka Hecate or Delphi von Doom

  • I live in The United States of America
  • I was born on April 18
  • My occupation is Most Valuable Team Member
  • I am Female
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Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! Eternal Sterek (talk) 19:45, January 29, 2017 (UTC)


Not gonna be around on RRPW anymore. I can't dedicate the time anymore to that wiki, however, I am willing to do something on here once you can or something. Thanks for understanding. -User Left

I have plenty of space for more characters, so, feel free to let me know when you wanna start planning a collab or something~ I'll check on my sandbox for messages from here, seeing that I've deleted Kik from my phone. I MAY bring it back, but it'll be under an entirely new name. But I also do have a Tumblr now as well... -User Left

If you can, at any time, please contact me on chat on here... I started a new RP wiki that I think you might be interested in... So, yeah. Drop me an IM when you're on. -User Left

Here ya go upon your request, lady grimm -User Left

Level Five + AAN

Hey! First of all, congrats on making it to level five. You now have 8 camp spots and 4 non-camp spots for a total of 12 shiny character spots, which are interchangeable with each other. Also, may I know if you've been part of the Adopt-a-Newb Program? And if you were, who was your mentor? That's all. Have a good day!

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Hello there! My name's steven ^^ wanna rp? If you do - feel free to choose any of my characters! 

Snowflakess "Hard like a rock. Cold like stone. White like a diamond, black like coal... ~Steve~  Snowflakess

 !! ^^

Sure! Post on his page anytime you like!!

Snowflakess "Hard like a rock. Cold like stone. White like a diamond, black like coal... ~Steve~  Snowflakess

Hi there!

Hello, Ms. Grimm! Well, I've been seeing you around these past few months and I never get the chance to have a decent convo with you (on chat or somewhere). So, mind if I ask if you wanna RP with me? No worries, I try my best to reply right away.

Message me if you agree! Looking forward to getting to know you more! c:

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I think your time online here is a time I'm not around, and vice versa. So, it'll be, well, not-on-chat for us. Hmm, what do you prefer: on comment or a forum? I'd be glad with whatever you choose. And do you want to start it?

Nah, I ask a lot (obviously). Hope I can totally catch you up on here!

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Wonder when I could catch you online . . . Anyway, it's a pleasure to get to rp with you. I'll start then. But (I should've asked this beforehand) what ype of character do you want your character to play with? I have tons of characters so I don't really know who to use. Mind if you tell me first which attitude of a character you'd like for me to roleplay. Thanks!
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Sorry for the late reply! I usually reply on time but like life and boyfriend got in the way. Anyways - posted!

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Hey! I saw ur post on my talk page. Id love to rp. If we do, we can do it in the forums cuz i most accustomed woth that.

Professional-narwhal (talk) 01:20, June 6, 2017 (UTC)

RP forum

AH okay! I think you'll be fine with it. It's not too hard XD would you like to start, or do want me to do the honor?

Ive posted! here             i need to remember to sign off XD

Professional-narwhal (talk) 02:05, June 6, 2017 (UTC)

No problem at all! XD i would be the same, if i had more than one lol. im in the live chat, you can join if u want~

Professional-narwhal (talk) 02:26, June 6, 2017 (UTC)


I used Lallaine c: I posted first, so go reply here. Sorry for the ordinary title, I just can't think of anything good.

Peace out! <3

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Professional-narwhal (talk) 13:06, June 7, 2017 (UTC)


Hey, I just wanted to let you know I posted on Salina's page if you want to roleplay with me. Thanks ~Harle Sun's out, Guns out. 15:58, July 3, 2017 (UTC)

Sorry for the delay in reply, been busy and the couple times I tried to post earlier didn't work. Sun's out, Guns out. 04:43, July 5, 2017 (UTC)

Hey Hecate, just wanted to remind you it is your post on Salina. Not sure if you've been or something but just lettng you know. ~Harle Sun's out, Guns out. 05:04, July 19, 2017 (UTC)

I am entirely sorry

Sorry for staying out too long. Sorry for not posting (though I have now). Really, really, really sorry.



Hey Hecate!

Okie, so I'm updating the User/Chars Forum now and I've noticed you haven't edited in more than a month. Because of that, your characters are in danger of getting archived.

The wiki has been very inactive as of late, and for that, I am giving you until the 1st of November to make an edit, or else the admin team reserves the right to archive/delete your characters.

That's all! I hope you're doing well. :)

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Hecate! It's so nice seeing you around again! How are you?

p.s. I used to be JayeMalik' just in case you're confused lol

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🥺(Pleading eye face emoji)

I didn't know you were coming back!!! hi!!!! <3 <3

Well I missed you ;o;



hi this is omnia you probably don't remember me but welcome back!!! i'm late to this bc i see you alr have two characters claimed and i blame college hhhggghh

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Hi Hecate! I just wanted to congratulate you on winning the Character Contest for the month of July! This means not only do you get to create Makeda Kane without claiming and have her be the Queen of the Amazons, but you also get to pick from these first place prizes listed below! Let either myself or Migs know when you decide! As there was no proper judging seeing as you were the only user to finish their entry, I have reached out to the claim checkers to just double check and make sure there are no issues before you go ahead and make the character.

Potential prize options include;

  • Pick a major character to count as minor
  • A new major character slot
  • Pick a character to skip the wait time for the 3/6/9 Month Powers

Gigi Brocky Good morning, Miss Goode! 27,771

Hi! Just a quick little update, there was no stand out issues with your history so you can go ahead and make Makeda Kane's page whenever!
Gigi Brocky Good morning, Miss Goode! 27,771

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