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Yeah, sounds good.

You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man..contributions.


Not sure if you've gotten this already but w/e.

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Rainbow Soul
The Rainbow Soul is awarded to you by Eternal Sterek, for having over 20,000 edits on Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki!

Peach 1f351.png call me by your name and i'll call you by mine Migs


I'm sorry, I didn't see his name when I was scrolling through the reserved list. JamilaMyx (talk) 10:36, January 26, 2018 (UTC)

Cabin Voting

Binseuhubbybaepoo!!! <3 First off thank you for voting for Aetna <3, second off you voted for 6 people but only have 5 votes... If you could please remove one of your votes that'd be great, thank you! pls don't remove Aetna's vote jk ily <3

Gigi.gif Brocky Good morning, Miss Goode!

Cabin Symbolic Theme

Congrats! As the winner of the cabin symbolic theme contest for the month of January, you get to pick a prize between the following;

  1. Pick a major character to count as minor.
  2. A new major character slot.
  3. Pick a character to skip the wait time for the 3/6/9 Month Powers.

Please be sure to add your prize to your user/char forum or let Migs know which prize you pick and make sure to let him know it's for winning January's symbolic theme contest.

Gigi.gif Brocky Good morning, Miss Goode!

Psyche LT

If you don't have anyone yet, if/when Psyche passes, could I dib lt?

04:30, February 4, 2018 (UTC)

A Challenger Approaches!

Hi Idk how to do this but I wanted to challenge Agnes for Artemis Lieutenant.

05:22, February 6, 2018 (UTC)


I'm sorry. I didn't see it on the character reserve thingy, I must've missed it!

JamilaMyx (talk) 04:19, February 13, 2018 (UTC)

Five Years

Five Years!
You have been with this wiki for five years now, for having stuck with the Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki for five years, you have earned yourself an extra character spot, that can be used for either BC or Camp! Thank you for your continued support and participation, hope to see you for another year!
-The Administration

a SIGN.  an OMEN. a Manolo's Charries


Of course! The more the merrier! ~ Thistle 13:27, April 26, 2018 (UTC)

Tom Holland

oof i was gonna use tom for a remodelling but i didn't check you reserved him, thus making me an idiot

is it alright if we can share? i mean, i can always use a different model if you aren't up for it

DaredevilSig.png I'm asking forgiveness for what I'm about to do. -Devil


My character, Theós Hampton, is challenging Joachim Flamel for his Lt. Counsellor position and my character, Lena Charleston is challenging Fabian Martell for the Head Counsellor position. Hope to see you soon! :)

Lightball.gif "No matter what happens, my light will destroy your darkness."


hi, hello, hola! so i was talking with oli & brocky earlier, and oli mentioned that they were sharing noah centineo (peter) with you, which encouraged me to come over and ask: is said character dibbed? because if not, i was wondering if perhaps i could dib him/you'd be interested in a ship with me? let me know! :)

WE'RE Jsig2.png VALID.


Hello there! It has come to our attention that it's been more than a month since your last edit. Will you be needing the officially inactive status? If there is no response by the 19th of January, your characters are subject to archiving.

a SIGN.  an OMEN. a Manolo's Charries

==Deletion notice

Hi there! Due to inactivity, your characters have been archived but if you wish for this to be restored, don't hesitate to message myself or anyone else in human resources. Thank you!

TimeSig.pngSee if you deserve what comes next. TimeSig.png

Active Nymphs?

Hi! Currently, the Human Resources department is in the process or ensuring the Animal Nymph template is up to date in terms of reservations and characters. Currently, you have a fox nymph marked as WIP. Are you still interested in making this character?

—[ Natalia ][ Talk | | 02:50, 29 Apr 2020 ]