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For Rory

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Beep beep, MTDCLNGIT needs validation from DTMCLNGIT. It could do with a lot of revising and I fear everyone else's wrath. Certain rituals can banish me from dimensions sometimes, into the Never-Ending Loop of Questioning Existence. Also Toxy be too busy to stalk here's hoping he never sees this save me

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Thank you for liking it, oxnvk divnekcnwlncwofnoqbfkdnvlsj lznkh wihcodngoenlngptjbos. I had an anxiety attack (or something idk i was a mess) a little while after typing it all and IMing. Z and Lemon had to talk me out of deleting everything and rewriting the IM. I have no idea if DDLC's Point of No Return scene (hello Sayori) had anything to do with it because I played through it, was anticipating it, still screamed and less than an hour later I get overwhelmed by feelings I haven't had in months. Either way riperoni pepperoni macaroni me af.

  • The self-RPed applications: My main concern is people who want newly made characters with ~ coolness awesomeness epicness ~ without roleplaying them all that much. As much as I love supermegaepicexpialidocious long histories, they rarely can trump the effects of roleplaying them in real time and if we allow everyone to just put in apps based on histories, we get an influx of barely RPed characters who have magically invented variations of all sorts. There would be exceptions, but I think those spots should be reserved for people who really intend on following through with RPing them. Otherwise, everything you said sounds perfectly reasonable and a lot more convenient for the approval process.
    • For the precedent: At most, it should be strongly advised to hint in their RPs a couple of times that they're sort of struggling with this or that application of power. Maybe put a time limit if they're newly made? Since IC time corresponds exactly to OOC time (for now; I think HR is looking into changing this to make events more flexible), realistically new characters (especially those of regular claim lives) wouldn't find new variations within their first week.
  • RIP the wording. Say you've got a character who operates on raw force and overwhelming the opponent as soon as possible. Then there's another character who focuses on wearing them down slowly and taking little damage in the process. Some variations would work for the first, but might end up getting the second killed. The second could get more hit-and-run variations, but this wouldn't work for the first character who, in essence, has put all their stat points in power. I intended for that sentence to stand as "yeah, you're going to get super creative and people will get taught new ways to use their powers, but learning all of it doesn't mean they'll suddenly be a Pokémon master in everything." Tldr; variations are meant to help people survive, not be The True RP Gods of Fighting (like some people might interpret them as :<)
  • I like how we're talking like they're already canon ahahahahah ignoRE ME. Ahhhh, yes, we'd definitely have an OOC tracker in a template somewhere because imho forums can be a total [insert choice expletive] and no one likes [plural form of choice expletive]. I'm not sure if we should add them to the bottoms of the powersets. We could link them as some form of a "[[Template Link|See here for more details]]"?
  • The Astraeus example sounds like a creative use of a powerset. I didn't actually check the Iris powerset (riperoni me) when I thought of signature colors, but I feel like wikicanoning variations will encourage people to be more creative, even if it doesn't consequently have them making variations. The distinction would be that creative uses could center around visual/audio/etc. effects and less obvious ways of using them, and variations directly change the way they happen. Creative = affects the effects. Variation = affects the one causing the effects. Does that make sense?
    • e.g. The Poseidon example I gave used the first offensive (a kinetic attack via jets of water.) The variation was that instead of jets, it was bubbles that popped when they hit the target and had the force of a shove (also kinetic, but it distributed power between the bubbles rather than a single jet). Essentially the same effect, but it was done differently. The first would work best for anyone who's going for raw strength, but for the more unaggressive, Bubblebeam can serve as more of a distraction while also being a threat. (Here's hoping this explains what I'm aiming for. xD)
  • Yes. There should be a way. BC and CoO members often have survived alone for exceedingly long periods of time, and it makes a lot of sense that they too have made variations, or never even discovered it wasn't the 'normal' power. (It's what makes them so dangerous to campers, in these scenarios. Campers have little warning on what to expect from them.) This applies to loner demigods like Nyxil as well. It's a confirmed yes that Nyxil could have variations. Frankly, with Toxy being one of our powerset makers and Ultimate Nerfer Council, he ought to get an auto-pass. They should still go through a similar approval process, just that ICly there wouldn't be anyone to oversee its 'safety' for them (Camp has Alexander, BC has Heinrich, CoO has the Council). I've sorta lowkey HCed creating variations (especially if it's someone who's used to the original powerset and doesn't need the variation for learning difficulties) is very, very not advisable (like, accidentally blew up the whole cabin not-advisable) and needs IC safety checks to parallel our OOC approval.

Unibot pls, I love your histories so much askenfogjtogjwodm and I not so lowkey wish you had more histories than the homework you have rip. I think this would be around the fourth time I've read Rory's history. :L

Cut all those lightyears with a lightsaber crafted and patented by Procrasti Nation. (jkjkjk don't rip). I'll keep you posted for sure! c:

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Hey Nata, yeah that's totally fine for the bot, but I think you need to go to wikia directly and say that it's a bot account? I might be wrong tho I'm not overly sure.

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Oh my gosh, I thought you knew! My bad. XD yeah, that's me. It's nice to see you again, Nata. -also, thank you for the welcome back. <3

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Could I make a character that was the child of a demigod and a god? Or is that not allowed? If so, would they have the powers of just the godly parent, or would there be some minor powers from the godly grandparent as well?
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I found it. The perfect thing ever


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Hi Nata i'm giving as many people as possible a online dog or cat. I got you both since i dont know which you like best 


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What's the forum name. I can start posting now.


thank you <3

thank u so much zenny queen "long and lost" ~~ Minx the Banshee    


Ohh yes, please do Nata b <3

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Those actually look so much better omg, and thank you for pointing out that omg I would have never known.

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Sad fish misses you

What in Wakanda, your new talk page is amazing! But yeah, miss you lots :( I keep missing you on the chat! Hopefully I'll meet you one of these days. Also our RP is still up if you'd like to continue, although it's ok if not.

Cheers! Thanks so much!

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I didn't know, I'm going based off character spots given/listed in the user char forum

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About your namesake's Dracanae

Heyo, just thought I'd check in on here as well as the ooc chat; 1 dracanae or 2 in the Two Natas in Town RP?

Catch me on chat if you can :)


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Hello this has 0 creativity

Bc i have a headache my entire body hurts and my eyes are eurgh too and i'm too tired to sleep e94jgndns but 2 weeks later i finally saw your IM and aww ty Unibot. Idt I have your email (i might have but then misplaced it like I misplaced my productivity). 2018 is bad bad bad potentially badd-ier than the cosmic pineapples and wart custard epidemics tbh but i'm still alive so that's gotta count for something

this is sooo late lmaooo ty for checking up on me <3

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Yo! All done, love :)

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Hi! As an attempt to revitalise the wiki and/or bring a revival or an ending to the Champions of Othrys event, a blog has been posted here.

As you are one of the users with a character on the two current ongoing missions regarding this event, your vote and contribution would be appreciated.

Please read through the blog, vote on the poll, and don't hesitate to leave an IM on my talk with any queries you may have!

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Miss you :(

I miss you! Hope you're doing ok

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No tea no shade to Brocko <3, but he lowkey broke the MediaWiki:Common.js code when he edited the page which also broke my word bubbles' CSS imports x3 (not sure why I decided to use JS to import my CSS). I've fixed the syntax error in the code and moved the imports to MediaWiki:Common.css (you may need to clear your cache for the change to take place), so there shouldn't be any problems in the future. Thought I'd give you a heads up! c:

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Girl, don't mention it <3. but lowkey tho, you're the only other person that uses the word bubble, so if shit falls apart and the world ends or if you want any features added to the wb, hmu and I'll see what I can do, ly <3.

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henlo unibot it's been forever i miss u sm i hope college isn't flaying you alive inside out like those nasty sun-eating crustaceans from Syfert galaxies eihgfirobgorbg i never seen u on the discord ;-;

also no idt i have your email REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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Animal Nymphs & Spirits

Currently, the Human Resources department is in the process or ensuring the Animal Nymph template is up to date in terms of reservations and caracters. Currently, you have Bernard and Dume listed. Are these characters still active, or can Human Resources mark them as "gone"?

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