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Re: Answer

okay. could you also ask her if i have to ask an admin for that?


Re:Gene Thing

I'm not sure yet, though it can be said that the genes enhance one's physical attributes. Purpose for that is unknown for now. I writing the paragraph form history now.

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That's simple. They are both invited in the Iron Fist tournament. When Jin escaped from the company, he saved Lili (who also escaped due to the commotion) from the soldiers/men/mercenaries/whatever that tried to get her back to the arena. From there they meet and blah blah bam, they end up at camp. On how they get there I will handle.

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Re:Last Message

I'm really sad to hear that, but no worries regarding Jin. I can go on with only Lili and Asuka so it's alright. Good luck with your plans and bye. :)

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