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So, I renamed your archive, so that it is now a subpage of your username.

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Page for Collab

Here. For Keto siblings remember?

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(Possibly) overstepping boundaries

Hey, Wittle. ^^ I'm pretty much sending this to express some concerns. The last claim you checked had you going through mostly minor and almost unnecessary questions. I understand the nitpicking (tbh we all do it), but what's worrisome is that you missed something really vital and incorrectly said that letters are direct interference. For future reference, they are not.

As I stated on Sophia's claim, half of the demigods currently at camp would be on Zeus' hit list if they were. From what I can see, it was one letter. If it were, perhaps, constantly exchanging correspondence and the like, it would be on the verge of direct interference. There's an Aphrodite character who frequently had dream dates with her mother and it was allowed. If that's allowed, then surely one letter is allowed.

I hope you don't feel like I'm attacking you. >< That is the last thing on my mind right now. If I sound insensitive, my bad. Besides the above, I kinda took a peek at your helper test answers. You answered the Chimera question correctly there, but you failed to point it out in Sophia's claim. Not sure if you were just worn out when you were claim checking (if you were, get some rest, oki oki) or if you had genuinely forgotten, so I thought to add it here.

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My pet claim (Gek)

My character James just got passed, so would you be able to start with my pet claim? Thanks, TheLordOfTime123 (talk) 07:57, January 25, 2017 (UTC)

i'm so sorry this is late

i've been meaning to reply but i took a nap and it slipped my mind and kpop happened and then there was food... which i have a love-hate relationship with... and yeah, i got so distracted i'm sorry xD

  • We're planning on fixing that soon. For future reference: The Furies, Cerberus, Orthrus, and Chimera(s) (along with Scylla and... that other one, I believe) are special case monsters.
  • Yeah, they're allowed to send letters. These are usually written beforehand and often they're addressed to the mortal parent. They can't consistently communicate though. A single letter tends to be the most a demigod sees from their parent. Quite a few histories have this, though my memory fails to give me a good example lol.
  • Truthfully, I'm not the best person to mentor you. x.x I'm probably one of the most inexperienced on the team and I still am technically/sorta mentoring another person at the moment. I kinda don't wanna say yes but I don't wanna say no either. xD I guess I'm saying you can throw questions at me, but I can't guarantee I'll have an answer.

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just lettin you know I started our rp here Hydrocarbon1997 (talk) 00:08, February 3, 2017 (UTC)



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Heyo there, Witty O! Let's just say I was bored and went to check up on claims and also checked the wiki's proud helpers edits. Please bear with me, I just want to give some notes:

  • About monsters, having medium ones are fine in claiming, as long as how the demigod/s killed it. A Cyclops is fine, an empousa is fine, only if they do it right.
  • In giving comments, do not be repetitive. Like you give one note, then after soem others, you write it down again. Once is enough.
  • Make sure to check the lists and power templates before judging the claim's stated abilities. For example, with your noting on Lee Arkitetri, you put that Athena's kids cannot communicate with owls. However, they certainly do.
  • Another making sure: categorize the claims once you've checked them. Add the checked claim under 'Unclaimed'. A pageheader can be seen in source mode, and you just have to add to it "- Unclaimed".

That's all for now, and hope to see you soon as a rollback! :D

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Thanks for the help with the claim! I Made a few edits, please check when you can. Dont mean to bother you...

LeeDaughterofAthena (talk) 22:52, February 7, 2017 (UTC)

Stygian Iron

I don't know if somebody else has told you this, but Stygian iron is allowed here, but only children of Underworld gods can have ownership over them. And again, categorize the commented claim under Unclaimed, k?



One of them has been in for a long time. So, in all honesty I wouldn't mind having Liam be on hold. Tumblr nd12x5wmCI1t04x43o7 500 We are as strong as we are unitedas weak as we are divided 🎧 Meryl


Nah I'm not even in the least annoyed. Just want to help out :)

~ june

P.S. What's gonna happen with Ashren? I don't even know why Ahren's part of that quest James is leading ;-;

​Tyler North

has been updated :) Tumblr nd12x5wmCI1t04x43o7 500 We are as strong as we are unitedas weak as we are divided 🎧 Meryl

Our RP

Hey, just letting you know it's your post on our RP. If you could post when you have a moment, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks Wittle Sun's out, Guns out. 05:50, February 15, 2017 (UTC)


I'm just letting you know you have two votes for the contest. You just can't vote for Brocky's and Oli's again.

-User Left

Ashren indeed

come on chat. im bored.



It has been ages since we talked, how are you? Now back to why I am here, you still up for that Keto collab involving Summer and mind posting on the Charen rp?

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Hi there :)

My character page got locked because I made it before I got claimed. I got claimed, can you please unlock it?


LewdFood (talk) 07:35, April 1, 2017 (UTC)LewdFood


hey I know we rarely talk but thats what is the problem.. I feel horrible about just leaving you but I really am getting busy with college (plus with my exams coming next month) so I'm asking you this now.. do you want to cut our deal? cause I think you deserve a better teacher than what I can offer you now.. but if you insist on waiting I'll try my best to be a better teacher

so yeah which way you wish to go?

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you sure? I'm rather free next month cause of my semester break

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions…

No slapping

Das mean Slay(Talk)(wiki)(website)(discord server)

Deletion Notice

Hello! We're making edits to the User/Character forum, thus checking in on user activity. You have gone over a month without making an edit and your characters are in danger of deletion. You have until November 1 to make an edit and prevent this.

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November 1 has gone and passed without you making a single edit. Consequently, all your characters have been archived/deleted. If you come back and wish to have them restored, feel free to IM me. Don't fret. It's a simple process and hardly takes minutes.

P.S. I know of your leaving blog, but still... Wish there could be a chance you come back. :p

⌜ Look at your heart, and not at what the world wants. ⌟

Saw our old IMs

haha what if you come back? even just to say hi or a short stint?

- omnia

⌜ Look at your heart, and not at what the world wants. ⌟

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