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Welcome :)

Hello and welcome to the wiki :) I'm Bird, and I saw your comment on the Adopt a Newb page. I would be willing to help you if you would like, just message me on my talk page. (There's a link in my signature)

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First off, I've added you to the Adopt a Newb page as my newb, so when you've graduated to level 5 you'll be able to collect the prizes from the program. 

Now, to make a character on this wiki you need to make a claim and put it here. In the claim you need to include the name of the character, their age, their god parent (and two other choices in case that god-parent's cabin is full), their mortal parent, their appearance (preferably a picture with an identifiable model), their personality (3-4 sentences long) and, most importantly, their history. The history needs to be at least 3-4 paragraphs long and should cover how the parent and god parent met, the character's childhood, their first monster attack and any other monster attacks, and how they get to camp.

Do you have an idea for a character yet?

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Great, so you're al set to make a claim! Just head to the claiming forum and follow the instructions on the page :)

Btw, the picture you've uploaded is already in use by (two, I think) other users, so you can't use it for a character. Sorry :/

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I added the unknown category because the model was unknown :3. And now im checking the claim so 2 edits >.<

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Well, I got your message and then I read the claim just to proof it and... there's still a bit of work to do, sorry. I've left a fairly comprehensive comment on the claim though, but if that doesn't explain it you can always ask me for clarification. Death (the one who told you your claim was ready to go) has only just begu checking claims, so I wouldn't take his opinion too seriously yet.

Also, when you leave a message on my talk page next time, could you please include a heading? Thanks :)

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Sorry for the false hope of getting your claim accepted. Im just started yesterday so i may not find all the flaws. Sorry! 141667793555905    IT WAS ULTRAVIOLENCE   ONCE UPON A DREAM ♫ DEATH

Checked :)

You're not annoying. As my newb, I'm happy to help you whenever (unless I'm not online, then I'll try and help the next time I'm online)

Also, on talk pages a heading looks like ==Checked :)== in source mode. In visual mode, it looks like bigger text with a line underneath it. We use it on talk pages so we can naviaget between messages more easily :)

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sorry for all the editing you needed for your claim. :/

but hey! after this, i'm sure you'll get the process better. 

click on my sig if you need any help. c:

i'll do my best to answer any questions.


Mah Newb!

You've been claimed!!! Remember to add Asyline's photo to the Poseidon camper photo album, as well as making her page and word bubble. Now, as you accidentally made a page for her when you made your claim, you'll need to go to this link and make the page there. 

If you have any questions or need help with anything, you can always contact me :)

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So while I was categorizing your character page I took the liberty of fixing the image C: The problem you had was you only need to put the image name itself. For example, for your image: File:Blue-eyes-brown-hair-girl-green-nature-Favim com-460268-1.jpg, you only need to fill the image parameter with Blue-eyes-brown-hair-girl-green-nature-Favim_com-460268-1.jpg and the image will come up properly :3. I hope that helped~

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So, dear newb, it seems like you've been having some problems with your word bubble. Would you like me to walk you through how to use them?

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Will you happen to need the less active status? You've gone over 2 weeks with no edit and there is no notice that you are on vacation or have anything that will prevent you from getting on the wiki. If, by the 31st of July, you have failed to make an edit or/and inform someone of your inactivity, your character(s) will be deleted and/or archived. In addition, until you have made an edit, you will not level up any further. This means that you will remain in the same user level and will thus have the same amount of char spots even if you've been here for quite some time now.

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ


As per your request on the custom signatures page, your sig has been made :) You can find a link in the comments of the page, or here. Instructions on using the sig are found on the page. Good luck! :)

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Newbie help :3

Okay, so can you tell me exactly how you're uploading the image? For me, the easiest way to upload a single image is to go to Special:Upload. When you're on that page, click on "choose file" and, well, pick which file you want to upload. Once you've picked a file, the destination filename will automatically appear. Don't change this. 

After that, in the summary box, type [[Category:The-Mysical]]. You might need to select advanced options to get the summary box. Once you've done all that, simply select upload file.

I hope that helps :)

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I apologize for the delay for you not leveling up to Level Three prior to you going into the mist (14 days without activity), which would prevent you from leveling up any further until you make an edit. By looking at the date your claim was approved and you user contribution I found that you should be leveled up to Level Four as of yesterday. I have properly leveled you up now; but again, sorry for the delay.

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Level Five

Congratulations, you are officially a Level Five user! That means that you have spent at least 5 to 6 weeks here as a newb. With you being level five now, I need to ask, were you adopted in our Adopt a Newb program by another user? If you did participate, kindly tell me who adopted you so that I can make the necessary changes.

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Wanna rp or something? You can choose which char you want me to rp with (my chars appear in my profile).

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Adopt a Newb

Once again congratulations on becoming a level five user! And yes, for having participated in our Adopt a Newb program under the guidance and mentor of User:Bird of Winter, you have received an early power-up prize. The prize allows you to skip the waiting time for the 3, 6, 9 month powers for one character. There's no rush to use it as once it has been used you can't take it back. In the mean time if you have a character in mind that you would like to use the prize on kindly let me know, if not then just hold on to it.

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Of course you can! C: It has been noted on the user & character list that the early power up prize have been used and the month powers are now listed on the character page.

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You bet!

Sure! Just post in Tony's page and I'll post back! 

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^-^ SOOOO PROUD *cuddles forever*

Here's an adorable gif for you to celebrate :)


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It's not a certain number of edits, per say, but it's the amount of edits you make per week/fortnight that go towards the bettering of the wiki. Each of these edits are called "helpful edits". For instance, as an admin I have to fufill a certain amount of edits each week, which I gain by checking claims, coding pages for other users, categorising images etc. To become a Camp Helper you need to be able to make at least (3? I think) helpful edits a week. Before you can become an Official Helper though, you have to pass a test which can be given to you by any admin (except me, because I don't have a link to the test or the test results >.<).

It also helps if you're trained by another user before hand. You can ask any user on this page if they would like to train you. If you graduate the program, a) you get a prize and b) you're more likely to gain a position as an official helper because you will have gained extra experience etc. 


That was longer than I was expecting. So... do you want to become a camp helper? xP

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If it would please the lady...

I could train you to be an official helper :) I can add your name to the training page template and everything tonight, and tomorrow I'll set up our own little training page. For now though, it's my bedtime so I'm going to go to sleep :)

Nighty night little Fluffeh 

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Um, maybe wait a little longer before you start adding categories to pages, you don't have the camp helper status yet >.<

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Heyo Fluffy

You can't have two claims in the camp claiming forum at the same time. I'm going to have to put one of them on hold until the other is claimed. Which would you prefer I put on hold?

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Easy fixed

It's okay, I've fixed it now :)

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Maybe tomorrow?

I was just going to check your claim and then go to bed >.< But to start thing up, you can Create a new page and call it User:The-Mysical/Training , and then I can post tasks on there for you to complete. Does that sound okay?

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That's okay, I'll make one for you :)

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I have made a page here, where we can train to get you into helper condition. I've put a task up there for you, so once you've finished that IM me and we can go over it together :)

Also, do you want me to fix your talk page coding so people's signatures don't look so big and warped?

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Just a thing, could you please make the forum? I'm a little busy atm

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Your character, Markus Darkwood, has been claimed as a son of Thanatos! Please remember to make his page and word bubble, as well as adding his photo to the cabin photo album. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or another member of the admin team. Happy Roleplaying!

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Training task

Okay, I've put a new task on the training page :)

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Hey Mysical! Quick Question, can I have Riley walk in on your rp with Xax? Riley will leave quickly, I just want her to like say something random. >.< I'm asking him for permission too. Xax, I mean.



if they do get in, just know mikasa looks like a dude with long hair and lipstick >.<

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lol so true


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Checked the training page. Also, do you want your claim for Erene to be active now?

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Fjduehsvs >.<

Your page, Fjduehsvs, has been deleted by me since it was blank and didn't seem to be of any purpose. If you should wish to restore this page if it had any importance or have any questions, contact me.

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Markus and Amelia

Hey! Wanna roleplay with Markus and Amelia?



In forum?



If you have time, could you please get on chat? We can discuss the training page and your next challenge :)

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My chat has been broken for a while now ;-;

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For having gone over 25 days with no activity and no notice that you're on vacation or have other priorities that will keep you from going to the wiki, your characters have been archived and are thus, no longer allowed to be rp'ed. Should you wish to use the same characters in participating in our wiki, kindly contact an administrator and we will restore the page(s) for you as it was and note the character as "active" again.

Thank you,

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ


Hello Mysical! I am pleased to tell you that Kurt Hugo Schneider is already voted as "Image Kept". If you'd like to see the result of the vote, go here :) We apologize for the very long wait. Not many users are active.

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