The Targaryen of District 4

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my talk page if I can help with anything! Meloney (talk) 17:50, March 12, 2016 (UTC)


hi I know we've met before on claims but I just wanted to say hi to you and say that your doing a good job and that you shouldnt worry too much about having a ton of plot holes (my first claim.. oh god my first claim was horrid and yours is better by comparison trust me) Still I'm just here to calm your nerve and just make you smile cause your claim isnt "broken" in a sense.. its just needed to include some of our rules (I'm sorry for that >.<) still your claim... I have a suggestion how about you say that the dad didnt want her to go yet? cause then that would make it a bit more plausible? just a suggestion of course cause a socially awkward satyr doesnt really fit the bill >.< sorry

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Hey and thank you. I do think that that would make more sense. House Targaryen | Fire and Blood 14:19, June 15, 2016 (UTC)

Hello! c:

So I happened to be looking at the recent wiki activities, and your editing of your own talk page catched my attention. Like above, Mel sent a mesage. But you don't reply under the message itself. Reply on the sender's talk page so that they may see it themselves. Like you're sending them back a message, too. :)

So yeah, all I wanted to say. Hope to meet you (in chat)! :D

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heyo guess who's not late... that much? meeeeeeeeeeeee anyhow here's another thing you should guess... why I'm here... its cause...

how about you scroll down?



congratz!! anyhow see you can do it! :) either way if you need help dont be afraid to ask me or anyone here ok? cause I'm sure everyone would love to help you out :)

congartz again

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Your WB

Hey Billie,

i noticed you were having touble with the wb or something was wrong with it soooo i fixed it :3. Hope thats ok.

When you use the wb you use it like you would in EARP {{Templatename|Your rp stuff here}}

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Would you be up for a little rping with me

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Posted on your character page


You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable. .The Jam Man.JammySiggy


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