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Please leave a message on

my talk page if I can help with anything! Eternal Sterek (talk) 11:08, October 28, 2016 (UTC)

Claim Comments

Hi there! You can't comment on claims as you're still in entry level and you're not granted of being a Camp helper. Only Claimers and Camp helpers can comment on claims. Though Macaria's claim is still on WIP (Work in Progress) that's why her claim is not that whole yet. Please refrain from commenting on claims. Thank you!

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Good day.

I saw your edit on the page Apollo's Cabin. Seeing that you've deleted, I do not know if that was accidentally or intentionally, some important information regarding the cabin, please do not repeat touching anything that might ruin a page's content. 

I have also checked your claim, Austin Moon. Thank you.

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Deleted page

The page you made for the minor character conest has been deleted as we no longer run that contest anymore.

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First Warning

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I am soooooo sorry. It is just that I really want to get claimed and be able to roleplay it  has been like 4 weeks that I am working on this character and I'm stll not claimed. Can you please help me

Thunderman2007 (talk) 16:45, November 8, 2016 (UTC)Elijah

P.S: How do you get those template things I would really like one


I see you have been struggling to get your first character claimed & that you have been messing around with peoples signatures and other pages lmao. If you have specific questions then message an admin. You can reply to me but an admin will probably have a faster and better answer. Or if you can come on chat and (kindly) ask someone to help you out that would probably be easier. Gypsy Thief 


Hi there, hope you're doing well today! So I finally had a chance to answer all of your questions, so here they are:

  1. In terms of your claim, there's not much I can do about its approval currently as there are still issues that exist. I know that the claiming process can be frustrating, but a suggestion is to not pick and choose which of the issues to fix. If we have to repeat ourselves, it only adds unnecessary time which is tedious on both your and our end.
  2. If the "template thing" you mean my signature, that was coded by myself. However, you can request for a simpler and less intricate one here if you'd like!
  3. While I'd be happy to check your claim, users may only have one active claim at a time. So this means that your newest claim will have to be placed on hold until your first claim and second claim has both been approved. In the future, please create a new claim only once your previous one has been approved (and you have an available character spot) to avoid having claims placed on hold.
  4. On our wiki, nymphs stay at the nymph sanctuary located in the forest within camp boundaries. While it's great to see your interest in creating a new major location and group, sadly these are only created by the admin team when necessary, so unfortunately I had to delete the page.

I believe I answered everything—I hope that cleared everything up and if you have any other questions, just let me know! C:

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Hi there!

It's me again. I'd like to ask you if which unclaimed character of yours would you like the claimers to focus on first: Marcus or Stella.


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I would love to work on Stella. Thank you



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Cheeky face. Your claim was last edited/checked by Summer on November 13th. It's been 7 days and no changes or edits have been made on your part. Per policies, claims that have not been edited for 7 days are subject to deletion. Opposite to what you said, we checked your claim but you never edited it afterwards; so, come again? Anywho, I'd be happy to restore your claim for you, but it's to your best interest that you fix your claim as soon as possible to avoid deletion again. If you need anything else, feel free to let your "arch nemisis" know x3.

Thank you,

Your friendly neighborhood admin

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my dear please be patient cause someone will check your claim eventually so dont worry we wont forget you

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Sorry. SOmeone got onto my account and used my information. Please delete the page. I do not want to get expelled


I know it's been long since you have put up with your unclaimed character Marcus. But, please, please, please, wait until he gets claimed before creating a page for him. Because of this, the page you have created will be on lock down until Marcus gets claimed.

Thank you.

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Plot suggestions

Again, I'm sorry for the long list of notes and comments on your claiming page, however, it is for the fairness among users that we do these stuff. Now you are asking (I assume) for plot ideas. Honestly, it's really easy. And since you're a rookie here, it's alright if you just do a really simple claim - a simple meet up, happy life of the kid, got attacked once and was drove straight to Camp.

If we will be basing on your already-made history, this'll be my suggestions to have Marcus claimed in the shortest time:

  • I will start where the plot turns to him having an attack. A BC initiate on the kill is pretty impossible for Marcus didn't have any connections yet to Camp. Try to have Leo as a monster who can act like a human, like a dracanae or something. Let's say Marcus and Theresse went running out in some crowded area where they will get the monster lost for a moment.
  • If you are planning to make Theresse another character of yours, please choose a god parent who has passed cabins in the wiki's CHB. If not, just make her a clear-sighted mortal and that your story may be easier.
  • Now, once they reached Eli, have Eli drive them to Camp fast, but won't go into the sea. It'll be more complicated. Just have him drive up to the borders of the forest. Have another monster, maybe a harpy, to attack them. Eli would be giving Marcus a weapon, but he would have him run to Camp and Eli will fight the monster himself, which will cause his death. If you'd have Theresse as mortal, then just let her stay in the school or at home where she wouldn't be an interference to the story.
  • You can add some bits you'd like; just keep it simple. It's your first claim, so it's fine.

Now if you have more questions, feel free to post on my talk page. Thank you.

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excuse me? what you mean we delete your claims?

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Guardian of Moths

Hey, Natalia here. I regretfully inform you that we don't /have/ moth guardians. And you created the page on a caregory. If you would like to /try/ to create such an animal nymph, please contact a claiming admin such as User talk:Meloney, User talk:Kevin Mo, and User talk:~The Musician~

Your friendly stalker,

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So, I would like to kindly remind you that anything you do CAN be seen and IS recorded. We can check the history to see what edits were made, by whom, and when. I thought you should know before you try to create the moth guardian again. Or try to do anything in general here on CHB.

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I can't share Crystal with you, she's already being shared and you can't have Candice, sorry. The fact that another account with only one edit told me that I should give her to you was really weird and contributed to my decision.

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Commenting on Claims

Hello there, I noticed you commented on a user's character claim correcting me. And while it's much appreciated, it isn't your position to comment on claims considering you aren't a claim helper nor are you a rollback or higher. This isn't your first offense on the situation either, but I'll let you off with another warning since it's a minor offense.

Please, don't do it again or I will give you a warning. This wouldn't be your first warning either, so I suggest you don't do it again.

Thank you.

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Please do not pester me or any other admins about your claim. I don't work in the claiming department so a claim checker will check your claim as soon as they can.

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Misty Gordon

I'm sorry that your claim hasn't been checked in such a long while. Are you still up for her to be claimed?

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Regarding Misty

Hi! CHB's been horribly inactive for a long while now, which led to a bunch of unchecked claims piling up (there was a bug in the coding that led to a lot of claims going unnoticed). I just got to yours today. By any chance, would you want to continue working on your character, Misty Gordon?

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