Venus "Vee" Bellerose

Daughter of Themis
Badass Lawyer ⚖️ Bride Assassin
Champion of Othrys

Owned by: Eternal Sterek

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Basic Information
AGE 23
SPECIES Demititan
SEXUALITY Heterosexual
MODEL Dianna Agron


Arthur Bellerose was one of the most promising young litigators of his time. He worked for the Los Angeles District Attorney's office as the assistant DA, and went on to win big criminal cases for the government. This, and the fact that he was considered as one of the most eligible bachelors of LA at that time, is what attracted the titaness of divine law and order, Themis, to him. The titaness disguised herself as the feisty lawyer, Kim, who works for a firm. They went head to head in court, and she dealt Arthur his first loss in a long time. Arthur was left intrigued, and he decided to pursue her. They both started dating, and well, one thing led to another, and eventually, Venus was born.

Arthur was happy, but he didn't understand what came to happen next. Kim disappeared, without saying as much as a goodbye; she just vanished into thin air. He was left to raise Venus alone, and his uptight schedule at the office didn't give him enough time to do so alone. And so, he asked to be relocated to a different DA office and was brought to Portland, where he and Venus came to live in.

Vee, as she liked to be called, had a rather normal childhood - unaware that a life of constant danger and attempting to avoid Greek monstrosities will soon befall her. She grew up as a prim and proper young lady, who did well in school and had dreams to pursue law just like her father. Arthur made sure to give her anything that would make her life pan out well, being the only reminder he had of Kim - his one true love.

One night, when Vee was 14, a terrible thing happened. A hellhound caught a whiff of her scent, and it followed her home. She was sleeping, but the sound of the beast trying to break into her room was enough to wake her. She screamed in terror, and her father, who was also in the house at that time, came to her rescue. He wasn't a clear sighted mortal, so all he saw was some sort of a mountain lion. Still, he was enough of a distraction, and this allowed Venus to escape. She cried as her father got ripped to shreds, but she knew she had to keep running. She sprinted through the dark suburban streets, screaming for help, but no one seemed to hear her. The hellhound soon caught up with her, and she thought that she was finished, but before it could tear her apart, a celestial bronze arrow was suddenly protruding from the beast's neck, and it exploded to golden dust. A 16 year old guy then walked up to her and introduced himself as Marc, a demigod son of Eros from Camp Half-Blood who was in the area for a quest and heard Vee's screams.

Marc had explained everything Vee needed to know about the world of the gods, and although she was hesitant to believe at first, her experience spoke volumes to her and it led to her acceptance. After Marc's quest was done, he and his group brought Vee to Camp where she was claimed by Themis and started living there because she had nowhere else to be.

Venus took her training seriously, and used her father's sacrifice as a motivation to become better at everything - fighting, using her powers, etc. Her hard work and passion eventually led to her gaining the Head Counselor position of her cabin, and soon after that, she started a romance with Marc, the guy who saved her. They became an item and was known as one of Camp's power couples. When Vee turned 18, she was given permission by Alexander to live in New York City with Marc so she could begin studying law and fulfill her lifelong dream. In a way, this was also her tribute to her father, who was an elite lawyer himself a long time ago.

Vee graduated with flying colors, and topped the bar exams. She made it to newspaper headlines as one of the youngest and most sought-out lawyers of all time because of her intellect and skill. She started working on a top-tier firm in Manhattan, and lived on a grand apartment with Marc, who, after being in a four-year healthy relationship with Vee, decided to propose marriage. Vee happily accepted. She was 22 and was on top of her game. What could possibly go wrong?

It turns out, everything went wrong. Their wedding was scheduled a year after their engagement, in a beach in the Hamptons. During that period of time, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was feeling particularly bored and wanted to shake things up. Venus and Marc's cheeky love disgust her, especially because she had nothing to do with how their relationship developed. And so, being a petty goddess, she set out to destroy their relationship. She made Marc fall in love with other girls - multiple ones at the same time. And because of this, he started cheating on Venus, making love to other women behind her back. On the day of their wedding, Venus went to check up on Marc to tell him how much she loved him and how he was her universe, not caring about some crazed old superstition that it would bring bad luck. This would prove to be true, however, when she opened the door to Marc's room and found him having sex with a daughter of Aphrodite - one of her bridesmaids even. At that moment, all Venus could see was red, and looking back, she would say that that was the darkest day of her life. Not just because of what happened, but because of what she did.

She took out her katana that she always keeps with her, and without hesitation, sliced open a fatal wound on the girl Marc was having sex with's midsection. She died immediately, but that didn't stop Venus from continuously hacking through her body until there was nothing left but a big gorey mess of blood and body parts. Marc knew he fucked up, and fled while Vee was busy. He hopped on a plane and flew to Mexico, hoping to escape his ex-fiancée's wrath. Vee, as a daughter of Themis, had a sudden thirst for justice, and that's when she knew that she would stop at nothing until she successfully kills Marc for betraying her, her feelings, and for the injustice he dealt to her.

She left Camp heartbroken, but with a burning passion for vengeance. She tracked Marc down and found him on a strip club, flirting with the prostitute girls in Mexico City. When she revealed her presence, she saw the color drain from Marc's face, and she immediately drove her katana through his torso, instantly ending his life.

Now that she's done with her mission, Vee is left with no purpose. She didn't think she could come back to practice law, after all, she committed crimes that could have her tried in court. She also didn't think she could come back to Camp, not after she murdered not one, but two demigods affiliated with them. And so, she began looking for the Broken Covenant.

While on the way there, however, she was stopped and discovered by Hunter Steele, a council member of a new emerging organization of half-bloods - The Champions of Othrys. Because she was a daughter of Themis, she passed the criteria for what they were looking for in members. Intrigued by the ideals of the group, and also fueled by her hate for Aphrodite, Venus decided to join them, despite not really caring about bringing the Titans back to power. At this point, her attitude and personality had significantly greyed out, and she cared for very little. But she needed a place to stay, so she remained in the Spire. Under Hunter's tutelage, she started training more intensively to hone her skills and officially become an assassin for the Champions.





Venus was, for a lack of a better term, a ball of sunshine and positivity. She went through some terrible things in life, but she stayed bright and optimistic through it all. She's intelligent, curious, and passionate, and she was friend to all. Everyone knew her and could approach her, and she was lively and cheerful and wanted to make everyone happy.

When it came to practicing law, Venus was ruthless to her enemies and would make sure that she is always on the right side of justice. She was a meticulous litigator, and her intellect would shine whenever she stepped foot in court. People adored her and her rival lawyers feared her. That's how good she was.


All good things come to an end though, and after discovering that her fiancé had been cheating on her and found him having sex with someone else on their wedding day, something inside Venus ticked, and she was like a completely different person afterwards.

Her personality and attitude was greyed out significantly, and she became cold and ruthless. Even her moral compass took a turn, and stopped caring about the law, only about the justice that she believed she deserved. She became less emotional, and more reserved, the complete opposite of what she once was - energetic and rambunctious.

Nowadays, she would prefer to keep to herself, and would only talk if it's required, or if the topic interests her. She had a complete transformation, and well, no one can really blame her.



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Other Information
MORTAL PARENT Arthur Bellerose
HALF SIBLINGS Other children of Themis
HOMETOWN Portland, Oregon
MAIN WEAPON Celestial Bronze broadsword

(doesn't have 3/6/9 powers)
  1. Children of Themis can cause someone to forget their current morals and act savagely for a short time, leaving them vulnerable to attack.
  2. Children of Themis, after receiving a wound, are able to use the justice of vengeance to power their next attack. This empowerment results in the attack having enhanced speed and strength.
  3. Children of Themis are capable of forcing everyone near them for a short time into a state of lawful peace, where no one can fight. After the effects subside, it cannot be used again for the rest of the fight. The user is also unable to fight due to the lawful peace.
  4. Whenever a child of Themis takes part in a fight, a law automatically comes into existence, and its' purpose is to forbid enemies from attacking them. After this law is broken substantially, the user can create a field of energy that would imprison the opponent for a short time. The energy field would serve as a punishment for breaking the law. The target cannot escape in anyway, but also cannot be attacked while the imprisonment field is active. This power can only be used twice during a fight.
  5. Children of Themis can see a few seconds into the future; allowing them to possibly predict the actions of others, but also hindering their sight at times.
  6. Children of Themis are able to detect any lie and know if someone's telling the truth or not, though it doesn’t always work. This works much better if the lie is directly related to a law or rule being broken
  7. Whenever someone is around a child of Themis, they’d feel at least slightly guilty for their wrongdoings. They can shut off this ability for a long time if they wish to do so.
  8. Children of Themis can sense whenever a crime is occurring in a 10-meter distance, whether it’s illegal or just morally wrong. The user cannot sense crimes being committed against themselves.
  9. Children of Themis can create a rule and can make someone follow that rule for a short period of time, as long as the rule does no harm and doesn’t completely stop an opponent from fighting, as well as a suitable punishment if the rule is broken. Possible punishments are substantial pain inducement, banishment (via instant teleportation) from the surrounding area, power/weapon negation (only one weapon or power) for a short time. All punishments subside after a short time; only one rule may be enforced at a time.
  10. If an ally is wounded, Children of Themis are temporarily empowered to achieve justice for them towards the one who wounded them; this effect greatly increases the strength and speed of their attacks until justice is achieved.
  11. Children of Themis are able to turn even the most un-ordered situations into well organized and properly structured systems. An example would be a chaotic battle, where movements and emotions are wild and erratic: the user would cause the battle to stop or organize it to become more calm, precise and well thought out.
  12. Children of Themis have the ability to lawfully force another person to follow their will for a few minutes, forcing them to follow their commands as long as they are not going to be forced harm themselves. The person will remain under the control of the law forcing for a few minutes or until control is relinquished, the longer the control is kept, the more energy it drains.
  13. Children of Themis can create paradoxical laws that allows the user to affect reality in illogical ways. For example, they can splash water on an opponent and cause severe burns and get hit with a hammer and it will just tickle. Only one reality-warping law can be implemented at a time and it will only be in effect for a short time. Afterwards, the user will be substantially drained. The power cannot be used to implement a law that would cause severe damage, such as breathing or blinking would cause their brains to explode.
  14. Children of Themis can become an embodiment of order for a short time, giving them the power to immediately judge a person according to their intentions. They are immune to all attacks. The user can implement up to 5 laws at once in this state, but not those that bend reality. (The laws should be similar to ones created and possess penalties like Supplementary 1) The user emits an aura of duty and respect for authority, so the person will be more likely to follow the laws created. This ability only lasts for a short amount of time. Once the child of Themis exits this form they are drained for a moderate time and cannot move until they are rested. Additionally, the more they do in this state, the greater they are drained, sometimes they may even faint.
  15. Children of Themis are normally able to tell if someone is guilty or innocent and tell fact from fiction easily.
  16. Children of Themis often make great lawyers since they have natural knowledge of law/order systems and tend to be fair and unbiased, whether they are prosecutors or attorneys.
  17. Children of Themis tend to be good at understanding prophecies and thinking about the future.
  18. Children of Themis generally take law and order very seriously, working hard to follow/enforce rules and keep things clean and orderly.


FAVE DRINK Chamomile Tea
FAVE MOVIE Legally Blonde
FAVE TV SHOW Drop Dead Diva
FAVE SONG Take Me to Church
FIRST LOVE Marc Macintosh






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Venus "Vee" Bellerose - Daughter of Themis
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