Veritum Unitum

Veritum Unitum SymbolVeritum Unitum
(United in Truth)


Adversis in unum'

(United in Adversity)


For millennia, our world has turned and for as many millennia this world has had rulers. First Ouranous and Gaia, then the Titans under Kronos, and now the gods; our own parents. Yet, in all this time nothing has changed. While these beings sat in their gilded citadels and reveled in their own glory, we have struggled under their yoke! Today, after countless revolutions against those in power, we suffer under the same whip and lash! We are confined, repressed, and made nothing more than their tools! Brothers, sisters, think, if only for a moment, of the world the gods bore us into. A harsh, and hostile one in which the demigod must struggle to survive!

Do our parents protect us? Do they nurture us? Do they love us? These are questions you can answer yourself; questions you will no doubt answer in the negative. Many among us were born into poverty, others into war, and more still into pestilence and death. Those who surmount these obstacles face the eternal threat of monsters. Where are our parents? Where is the compassion? Nowhere to be found as our parents, the gods, do as they wish in complete neglect of our welfare. Demigods who survive are handed weaponry and sent to fight their parent's battles. They tried to make us weapons! They tried to make us enforcers of their own oppressive rule! We say NO! Never surrender your liberty to those who have repressed you since before your birth! Never scrape and bow before our true enemy! Never sacrifice your liberty for their gain! Still, our lives of hardship and struggle have only made us stronger! Let us turn ourselves against our oppressors! Let us end the cycle of repression! The past is our faith, the present is our strength, and the future; the future is our birthright!


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  1. Cynthia Amoré (Child of Thesis)

Second in Command

  1. Aurora Todduk (Child of Zephyrus)

Faction Members

  1. Jordan Summers (Child of Ares)
  2. Lilliana Sade (Child of Khione)
  3. Morphine (Child of Zelus)
  4. Elina de la Serre (Child of Hyperion)


Lock Down

Officially Less Active Users

  1. Leon (Child of Poseidon)

Members who Left/Died

  1. Korsan (Wine Spirit, transferred to Civitas)
  2. Kiera Ames (Child of Physis)
  3. Aaron Black (Child of Thanatos)
  4. Medea Ekaterina Black (Child of Zeus)
  5. Nerissa Mara Black (Child of Zeus)
  6. Giovanni Buckingham (Child of Aphrodite)
  7. Sydney Fosters (Child of Aphrodite)
  8. Nadia Fuse (Child of Ares)
  9. Max Grey (Child of Ares)
  10. Jordan Jackson (Child of Hyperion)
  11. Bianca Jenson (Child of Mnemosyne)
  12. David Polzin (Child of Peitho)
  13. Lýkos Vicentti (Child of Kratos)
  14. Ileana Viorel (Child of Moros)
  15. Kyler Dale (Child of Zelus)
  16. Anton Atharm (Child of Ares)
  17. Isidora de Medici (Child of Hecate)
  18. Yeo-Ul Shim (Child of Tartarus; Transferred to Opus Superum)

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