Blank coding, already coloured with a theme, if any one wants to use one, message User:TheWondefulMaskedMadame or User:LyreOfOrpheHyus...

Blank Themes/Coding That's Already Reserved

User:BachLynn23/Blank Coding/Reserved

Blank Themes Not Yet Reserved

(More coming soon, don't forget if you'd like to request them instead of waiting for random ones, feel free to ask Ruby or Wonder or Hyu :) Cheers)


By Wonder

Version 6 Blank Coding Help/Blank Coding by Wonder

By Hyu

Version 6 Blank Coding Help/Blank Coding by Hyu

Game of Thrones Theme Collection

Note: I have to change the colors of some themes here so that it matches the colors of the house.

  1. Targaryen Theme
  2. Lannister Theme
  3. Baratheon Theme
  4. Stark Theme
  5. Greyjoy Theme
  6. Tully Theme
  7. Tyrell Theme
  8. Martell, Mormont, Baelish, Bolton, etc.
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