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Graphics-moon-206264 Victoire D’Aubigne Graphics-moon-206264
Daughter of Pandia
Owned by: Margaery Tyrell
Basic Info
Full Name: Victoire Marie D’Aubigne
Titles: Daughter of Pandia
Child of the moon and of the sun
The Princess of the Dawn
The Ballerina
Born/Created On: 20 August 1999
Current Age: 18
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Current Location: (Wherever the CoO are??)
Affiliation(s): CoO; Champions of Othrys
Current Status: Alive
Species: Demititan
Nationality: Russian
Ethnicity: East Slavic
Accent: Strong Russian
OOC Plans & Info
Inspiration: Anastasia Nikolaevna, HRH Duchess of Russia
Love Interests: None; Help change that by messaging me on my talk page!
Active RP's: Page comments
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Last Updated On: _____________
Plans: None
Model: Doutzen Kroes
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde (Previously Brunette)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 130 lbs
Blood Type: O
Voice: Soprano
Distinguishing Marks: None
Body Style: Fit
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Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Leto (Birth)
Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia (Birth)
Katya Petrova (Adopt)
Father: Vladimir Petrovo (Adopt)
Creator: N/A
Full-Siblings: None
Other Relatives: N/A (Though if anyone would like to do this type of thing and plan it out, I'm sure we could arrange something)
Home: Moscow, Russia
Schooling: All the way up to middle school
First Kiss: Unnamed Boy
First Sex: N/A
First Love: N/A
General Info
Nicknames: V, Vic, Vicky, Tori
Native Language: English
Language(s) Spoken: English
Character Flaw: She can never stay put in one place
Hates being dependant on others
Fears/Phobias: Being tied down
Hobbies: Homewrecking
Moral Compass: South
Most Important Person Before: Herself
Most Important Person Now: Herself
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Dream Job: N/A
Current Job: None

Passionate, strict and goddamn fit. The young brunette has the tact in their blood and dancing is everything she loves. You can play any kind of music, she'll dance perfectly. While she loves any type of dance, ballet is her true calling and she flows most to it. Every muscle in her body is working and making it looks so effortless, although it’s pure hard work. The girl want to win, to be the best and might always look for a challenge. Victoire spends hours in the studio and takes care of every detail. A perfectionist she may be, all she wants to do is make sure she's up to par. The injury has since impacted her dancing but she's working through it. The inability to dance as well as she used to gives her more free time to do whatever she wants which while made her a bit less strict, it also makes her a bit rowdy and wild similar to your stereotypical child of Dionysus. She takes alcohol as a fallback, something to make her stop thinking about her disability and honestly... what a bad habit.

Louis D’Aubigne and Henri D’Aubigne were rival twin brothers since birth. The boys had been set up against each other by their parents and they competed in multiple activities from physical activity to the arts. The two were both extremely attractive and amazing in everything they do--almost like real life French Troy Bolton's. The pressure of always going up against each other made them have poor social lives as all they wanted to do was duel, there was never a quiet moment to just chill out between them. If they weren't in combat, they weren't together. The boys were just destined to be enemies since day one.

One day the two had gone to a party where they had met a girl by the name of Kelsey. Both had their eye on her and they had decided that they would settle the conflict out in a battle of sorts: whoever she had showed interest in got the girl. This contest hadn't gone well however when she had intercourse with not one brother but two of them. In spite of their bragging of how both got the girl that night, neither had believed each other therefore they didn't really pay attention to the fact that they technically both got the girl. They couldn't even ask her to clarify considering she had only been in Bordeaux, France for a month with her family. Soon enough they forgot all about the girl and brushed her off as a distant memory.

A few months later, the babies had come in a timely manner as the boys finished off their game of golf, left in a tie. The children left at their doorstep made them confused and soon enough they had brought them to a doctor to find out their parents. Turns out, each child was made by the girl. The catch was the children were both their children and the children were the same age. According to the doctor, a rare phenomenon called heteropaternal superfecundation had occurred. This is when two of a women's eggs are fertilized by sperm from two different men. The woman/mother had released multiple eggs within a week of one another and so the babies had two different fathers but the same mother despite being born at the same time--they were fraternal twins. The boys hated the fact that the girl had pushed children on them but they had configured it into some type of challenge: who could raise the better child? Who could have the better picture-perfect life? And so off they went, exploring for different houses, wives, the whole sha-bang. They two were already computer engineers that worked under the same company, had houses next to each other, and they even had weddings that were on the exact same day. It was all carefully calculated and almost creepy.

The children grew up with a forced relationship the same way Henri and Louis had: enemies. The only difference is they refused to comply with this and tried to be friends in spite of how their fathers had acted. They worked fine together, they were like pancakes and syrup. They just worked. Both being amazing artists allowed them only to have a stronger bond regardless of Victoire wanting to be the next 'Anna Pavlova' whereas Nicholas was more into being the next 'Picasso'. To get together, the two would sneak out the house or meet up somewhere in the day for a few knowing that Henri and Louis were too busy to play helicopter on top of them. Their relationships got a bit too close at times, they almost seemed like they had an incestuous connection at times.

The first attack (12 years old) was when they were having a picnic at a park near Portland. It was a simple, breezy day and all they wanted to do was get away from their parents. The two were thirteen and couldn't have possibly suspected that they were going to be attacked by a hellhound. The dog pounced on their picnic basket in an attempt to get close to them, leaving them some time to try and run (not that they could, the beast was far quicker than them). Not knowing what to do, Nicholas took a red ball out of his pocket and threw it, it usually worked in the cartoons so why not here? The vicious creature took after it and they left the park with fear still beating in their hearts. Why, how, they inquired about it daily and it was even expressed in their art. Victoire original dances showcased terror and Nicholas’ art was full of darkness and hesitancy as if he wanted you to feel the fear he did on that sunny day. it felt like a complete nightmare. The dog didn’t even seem like a dog, it was as if it was an actual monster. The twins ended up dwelling on this though for years as they encountered various attacks until by 17, they were murdered by a giant scorpion and ended up dead.

Down in the underworld, Melione had taken pity on the twins. Why should they have to live such a short life, never even finding out who they were? At this point in time, Zeus refused her request to put them in her stomach to make them become born again due to her doing it for many already. “If people are to die, they should stay dead, at this point everyone may as well stay alive,” he told her time and time again. Melione decided to ask Eos if she’d take the twins and rebirth them, that way Zeus wouldn’t be angry with her, it wasn’t as if Eos did this even half as many times as she had. Eos agreed and... a child was born. At 11:30 PM, there came Victoire, in all of her glory. By 12:00 AM (midnight) however, there came Nicholas. The twins were stuck in one body. Zeus had found out about Melione’s plan and decided to curse the children as a result of her displeasing him. The child(ren) pleaded with Zeus to fix this once they found out (he was prideful, his work was just too funny for him not to say he had done it) but he refused leading them to be stuck as such. Sticking with it in spite of the difficulty when it came to meeting new people and wanting to keep talking to one another, they made it work and ended up going to camp where they were claimed by Pandia quickly.



Name: Relation: Feelings:
Leto Mother Never knew her.
Ares Employer She can't wait to take him down when the titans take over.
Anastasia Nikolaevna Mother Doesn't know her.
Vladimir Borisovich Petrovo Adoptive Father Dislikes what he did to her once she found out more information on rape and abuse. She wishes for his death.
Svetlana Nikolayovna Petrova Adoptive Mother Loves her and respect her with all her heart but hates that she hadn't paid more attention to how she was being treated by Vladimir.

  • Her Chanel Perfumes
  • Her marble container for plants
  • Her Cactus Plants
  • Her Choker, Her favourite water brand (Voss), Her Plant
  • Her iPhone
  • Her Russian Dolls

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