Firebright's Information

To begin with, Firebright is not a very nice pegasus.

He is owned by Zane, a son of Eos. Firebright is a stubborn horse who'd do anything to get what he wants. He loves cursing, especially at his master. Firebright may be that way, but he is an intelligent horse. He's greedy when it comes to food and territory, which is why Zane still keeps wondering why Firebright was the horse given to him. There are a lot of things that he likes, yet there are more things that he totally dislikes, or just hate altogether.

Firebright likes being alone. Let's just say he's anti-social. Yet, ironically, he loves showing off. He hates whatever technology the modern world has and has proposed, for it seemed like they doom nature. Zane tried taking pictures of him, but no luck, so he just drew a sketch of him and nothing else. He's picky in a lot of things, from food to people. He even always argues with his owner. But either way, Firebright respects him and protects him no matter what, as an owner and a friend.

Firebright's History

Firebright was one of the immortal horses that served Eos, the goddess of dawn. He also served as substitute for her chariot horses, Lampus and Phaeton. He resided in the stables of Eos' palace, where her servants tend to him and care for him. He's been alive for such a long time, and he never thought of it as cool.

Then, a son of Eos arrived at the palace as the goddess' aide. Evandros was his name. Soon, one of his jobs was to tend the stables, which, of course, included Firebright. Evandros couldn't speak horse or understand horses, yet he considered the horses and pegasi his friends, not minding their stubbornness. Then Evandros told Eos that he wanted to be in the mortal realm again, to somehow find a family. Eos was disheartened, yet she agreed, and gave Firebright to Evandros as a pet and friend.

Firebright doesn't want to be a pet, so Evandros considered him a friend, a close friend. Of course, Evandros used him to travel over the world, and Firebright loved it. With Eos blessing them a telepathic (or emphatic) link, they could tell stories all day throughout the centuries. Soon, Evandros shifted names until it became Zane. Whenever he wasn't around or busy, Firebright would fly away and go sightseeing, then return by himself or when his master calls.

Now, since Zane decided to join the Broken Covenant (and Firebright would never understand why), Firebright chose to to reside at the Mountain Pond. Zane wanted to know where exactly, yet Firebright disagreed and just told him to back off his territory. After all, he'd only be there and will answer whenever Zane calls.

Abilities: He's immortal. Being a pegasus of Dawn, he can glow or give off light that has the colours of dawn and make him look like as if he was burning up, though he rarely uses it. Firebright has a higher endurance, strength, intelligence and stealth than most pegasi, though he likes resting better. And he likes cursing a lot. With the gift of telepathic link with his master, he does it all the time.

People Trusted to Watch Over Him

There is absolutely NONE except for his beloved master.

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